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Nsu typ 110

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Nsu typ 110 relates to the amazing brand Nsu.
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«Nsu typ 110» represents the car which has 2 doors. The new car experts of the company «NSU Motorenwerke AG» have developed. The model «Nsu typ 110» was issued since 1965 for 1972. The car for the first time has been presented to general public on a motor show in Frankfurt per 1965. The basic components of the car have been borrowed from model «NSU Prinz 1000». Thus designers significantly have increased wheel base and weight of the car that have allowed increasing internal space for passengers and a luggage space. The length of the car makes about 4 meters, thus, the car concerns to the lowest class of models. nsu typ 110 Designers have paid significant attention to development of the ex-terrier of the car. In a forward part large rectangular headlights are established, on back wings there are chrome plated bars. The speedometer is established from the car «Opel Rekord B» which has been let out in manufacture a little earlier. Thus designers have created unique design of an internal interior. The instrument panel is executed from a tree, the new system of ventilation and heating of the driver and passengers is established. Thus, «Nsu typ 110» reminds middle class of cars more and more. As an additional option, the buyer can get forward seats of the passenger and the driver with inclined backs. The power unit of the car «Nsu typ 110» is located in a back part. 4 cylinder engines with system of air cooling is established. Originally the volume of the engine made 1,1 liters and capacity of 53 horsepower’s. Also this model of the engine was established by the sports car «SU Prinz 1000 TT» with capacity of 54 horsepower’s. In the beginning of 1967 the new power unit in volume of 1,2 liters and has been developed by capacity of 60 horsepower’s. nsu typ 110 In 1967 the company management «NSU» has made a decision to simplify the model number. The model «Nsu typ 110» has been renamed in «NSU 1200», and capacity of the power unit is reduced up to 54 horsepower’s. Under such name, the car is issued since 1972. Forward wheels have disk brakes. The car «Nsu typ 110» possessed high parameters of reliability and durability. Also it was easy for repairing. A special material of a body, the car protected from corrosion.

nsu typ 110 nsu typ 110 nsu typ 110 nsu typ 110
nsu typ 110 nsu typ 110 nsu typ 110 nsu typ 110
nsu typ 110

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