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Opel ampera

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Opel ampera relates to the amazing brand Opel.
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The era of electric vehicles for Opel was begun with the model of Ampera – technical clone of Chevrolet Volt, presentation of prototype of that took place in 2009 on the Genevan motor show in 2009. Two years of the field tests passed, before to public on the same Genevan the motor of show was shown fully the version of this car at that prepared to the production, as representatives of «RH» company confessed, there are not competitors among serial electric vehicles. Opel Ampera And yet a year may need Opel Ampera in order that a model was confessed by «Car of the Year 2012» on everything volume the Genevan motor show. Technical descriptions The car is equipped by the progressive electric power-plant of Voltec that consists of lithium of ionic batteries by a capacity 16 kW. One charge of these batteries is enough for overcoming 60 km, and then the side engine of expansion of interval of motion is connected for an electric generator drive, helping recharge a battery in motion (additionally with energy of recovery got at braking), due to what the car can pass distance a to 500 km. The car is able to develop power in 150 horsepower’s; here his high speed makes 161 km/h. Opel Ampera Interior A salon at Opel Ampera divides in half a wide central tunnel draw able from a central cantilever to the luggage separation. Arm-chairs in a machine - four, they are deep, with the expressed lateral support. Panel of devices at a model - electronic, all testimonies are demonstrated on a central screen. The similar pulled out screen is located and on overhead part of central cantilever. Under him are organs audio, climatic and navigation systems touch-activated. A luggage rack at an electric vehicle is capacious enough: with heaved up the backs of back seats useful volume makes 310 L., with build are about 700 L. «Opel ampere» represents an electromobile with the enlarged stock of a course which for the first time has been presented to general public on a motor show in Geneva by spring of 2009. As well as the car «Chevrolet Volt», during short trips up to 60 kilometers, a new electromobile uses electric energy which is received from the accumulator (capacity of the battery makes 16 kw). Thus the car «Opel ampere» does not allocate in atmosphere СО2. Electric energy is accumulated in the T-shaped block of batteries. Electric block feeds the electric power unit which provides necessary parameters of a high-speed mode and acceleration (up to the maximal values). On energy which is in batteries, the car can pass 60 kilometers. When the stock of electric energy completely is run out, the electricity is developed by the generator which actuates an internal combustion engine. As a result of it, run of the car «Opel ampere» increases to 500 kilometers. Battery «Ampera» can be recharged from a usual electric network with a pressure 230 V. opel ampera Thus, the new electromobile has a number of essential advantages to which concern: uses of various types of consumed energy decrease in expense of fuel and quantity of polluting emissions in an atmosphere, preservation of the environment. The car differs high parameters of the external ex-terrier and an internal interior. Designers have created unique and elegant lines of a body which emphasize grace of the car. Thus, the ex-terrier emphasizes purposefulness and energy, which inherent in all German cars. Silvery color of a body does its easy and solid. Manufacturers have applied at manufacturing materials some innovative materials. Thus, it was possible to reach high parameters of aerodynamics. Furnish of salon differs the simplicity and high parameters of luxury. opel ampera According to company «GM» if run of the car in day makes 60 kilometers in a year 22000 kilometers turn out. Use «E-REV» allows saving to the owner up to 1700 liters of gasoline. For drivers whom I pass in day more than 100 kilometers, or 36500 kilometers a year the savings will make 2200 liters. Exterior On facial part at a model the stylistic are distinguished boomerang shaped headlamps. They in overhead part contain bi-xenon head optics, and in lower, being on a bumper are daily working lights and fog lamps. In a bumper also there is a wide trapezoidal air scoop. On each side of basket at Ampera is plastic false weight that is accessible even in base acquisition. Side windows in an underbody are underline plastic molding. Another distinctive feature of exterior of Ampera is the specially worked out tires that, due to the construction able to save energy and one 17-inch alloy the wheeled disks. A model is produced in single basket modification – 5-door hatchback, and has a wheel-base in 2685 mm.

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opel ampera opel ampera opel ampera

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