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Opel flextreme gt/e concept

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Opel flextreme gt/e concept relates to the amazing brand Opel.
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The car «Opel flextreme gt/e concept» for the first time has been presented to general public on 80 International Motor show in Geneva which passed from March, 4 till March, 14th, 2010. Thus experts of company «Opel» have tried to show in the maximal degree to potential buyers all advantages of the innovative car. The new car «Opel flextreme gt/e concept» represents the innovative conceptual car, with a hybrid drive, as well as a lot of espionage gadgets. The external design of the ex-terrier of the car reminds design of the ex-terrier from the manufacturer of cars «Aston Martin». opel flextreme gt/e concept The car has a number of advantages and essential differences from the competitors: instead of usual doors, doors with light gauges, instead of handles which respond to a touch of the driver, or passengers are established; there are no lateral mirrors of a back type, small videocameras in the basis of forward racks which I allow the driver to trace completely a situation on road are established. The glass panel is built in a roof of the car. Thus glass can change the transparency. Also designers have established special details in a back part of the car which I reduce high parameters of turbulence at movement on high speed. The form of a body substantially reminds the form of a body of model «Insignia Sports Tourer». The conceptual car has wheel base of 2900 millimeters. Dimensions of the new car make: length – 4762 mm, width – 1871 mm, height – 1308 mm. Thus designers of the company have worked at creation of the streamline form of a body, for reduction of resistance to a counter stream of air. Also special details, for an increase of volume of air which acts to the engine have been established; special panels which close a bottom of the car and do its smooth. This constructive decision is made to increase parameters of aerodynamics. The factor of frontal resistance makes 0,22. For additional cooling the battery and electronics of the power unit, in a back part of the car air-conditioning vents are made. opel flextreme gt/e concept The manufacturer establishes the same power unit, as well as in models «Chevrolet Volt» and «Opel Ampera» - «E-REV» capacity of 150 horsepower’s. The twisting instant of the engine makes 370 Nanometers. The petrol engine in volume of 1,4 liters is used for additional charge of the battery.

opel flextreme gt/e concept opel flextreme gt/e concept opel flextreme gt/e concept opel flextreme gt/e concept
opel flextreme gt/e concept opel flextreme gt/e concept opel flextreme gt/e concept opel flextreme gt/e concept

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