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Mazda mx-5

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Mazda mx-5 relates to the amazing brand Mazda.
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I got this wonderful car, when the summer came to an end, there was an August. Аt first I, slowly looked for Mercedes SL320 on spring suspension bracket, but I didn't find any serviceable car. Then I began to look after Mercedes 325, with a latest model of a body. I learned that they have problems to the engines released till 2008. In St. Petersburg it isn't enough cars of such class, the Mercedes 335 model it is unprofitable to buy because it is necessary to pay heavy taxes, and Mercedes 320 was senseless to be bought. Generally, I wanted the beautiful and cheerful cabriolet car for the summer. MX-5 Mazda seemed to me any nursery, and seriously I didn't perceive it. Here I was mistaken. Cars happen different – one were very successfully made, others not especially, one reliable, others aren't present. MX-5 appeared by very successful and balanced car. As it appeared in practice, in this car the second row of seats isn't necessary, with an open roof of a cabriolet it is impossible to go – can blow off easily a wind. And will go so to the driver from the beautiful lady without the wind screen of a cabriolet not especially comfortably, but there is no other way out, because it very bad quality. The wind screen of a cabriolet will spoil appearance of the car, especially it it will be necessary to remove, clean each time in a luggage carrier, then again to put into place. The wind screen of a cabriolet will spoil appearance of the car, especially it it will be necessary to remove, clean each time in a luggage carrier, then again to put into place. We remember, why to us a cabriolet? It has to be double undoubtedly. Our cabriolet has to have a rigid roof.

Mazda MX-5 The cabriolet has to have a rigid roof in our country. Maybe somewhere in California it is possible also tarpaulin as a material to use, and in St. Petersburg only the such. The wet rag over the head will deliver discomfort, and with a rigid roof it is possible and on a traffic light will boast – pressing of the button and in 12 seconds the roof of a cabriolet was cleaned, still pressing – moved forward. With a rigid roof it isn't enough models of cabriolets and MX-5 among them.

Running gear of MX-5 Mazda the very good. Almost racing cards, instead of the car which weighs only one ton. Shortcoming is that if the second passenger has the big weight of a body, the car goes much more slowly. Therefore we hint – you carry lungs on the weight of passengers, it is best of all than girls.

We won't worry that the capacity of the car of only 160 horsepowers, it isn't enough because this cabriolet can go much quicker. It is the walking car and on it it isn't necessary to gather a high speed. 120 km/h are the highest speed at which it is comfortable if it is more, it is necessary to prepare for strong noise and a wind, and it is better to post at once a helmet of the pilot for convenience. Especially, we will go by it in the summer, when weather dry and warm. And in the winter this car will stand in garage, and we will be glad that didn't buy more expensive and powerful cabriolet.

I have a very good time in August and September when went by this cabriolet. MX-5 Mazda presented to me everything a lot of pleasure and paints in life. In the car very good air heater, and it is possible to go by it before big colds. It is bad to go only to a rain. Now let there is in garage till spring my cabriolet. Its purchase looked thoughtlessly, but it was very pleasant in real time of short summer of St. Petersburg. This summer should be used with the maximum advantage, and Mazda will help us in this case.

mazda mx-5 mazda mx-5 mazda mx-5 mazda mx-5
mazda mx-5 mazda mx-5 mazda mx-5 mazda mx-5
mazda mx-5

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Mazda mx-5

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