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Porsche 918 spyder

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Porsche 918 spyder relates to the amazing brand Porsche.
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«Porsche 918 spyder» the sports car which is issued by the German manufacturer of cars of a high class – company «Porsche» represents. Thus the car uses a hybrid drive. The new sports car is issued by experts of the company in two modifications: «Porsche 918 Spyder» and «Porsche 918 RSR». porsche 918 spyder For the first time «Porsche 918 spyder» has been presented to general public as the conceptual car on a motor show in Geneva per 2010. Thus development of the new conceptual car «Porsche 918 spyder» from occurrence of the first sketches before manufacturing the first working copy, has borrowed 5 months. It is necessary to note, that the new vehicle is constructed on a platform of a racing car «Porsche RS Spyder». The new car differs high parameters of profitability, a maneuverability, controllability, stability on a road covering, as well as high parameters of coupling with a road covering. So, according to data of the manufacturer, the car spends for 100 kilometers of a way of fuel of 3 liters that is an excellent parameter, for a racing car of such class. It is necessary to note, that the car differs magnificent external design of the ex-terrier. Prominent feature of the car: availability of a powerful bumper in front, special optical system which differs the high parameters of capacity and special apertures on both sides of lateral wings. Behind on the car the special panel which increases stability of a racing car on a road covering at greater parameters of speed of movement is established. Dispersal of the car «Porsche 918 spyder» up to 100 kilometers at an o'clock borrows less than 3 seconds. Time of dispersal up to 200 kilometers at an o'clock makes 8 seconds. The maximal speed of a racing car makes 325 kilometers at an o'clock. porsche 918 spyder The manufacturer as the basic engine establishes 8 cylinder power unit, capacity of 580 horsepower’s. Thus the driver can use capacity of electric motors which are established in the car as a source of movement. Thus motors eat from accumulators capacity of 6,8 kw which are capable to cover distance in 25 kilometers at the maximal speed in 150 kilometers at an o'clock. The equipped weight of the car makes 1660 kg. On the power unit 7 step automatic box of switching of transfers is established.

porsche 918 spyder porsche 918 spyder porsche 918 spyder porsche 918 spyder
porsche 918 spyder porsche 918 spyder porsche 918 spyder porsche 918 spyder
porsche 918 spyder

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