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Citroen c1

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Citroen c1 found on brand Citroen - C1
Citroen c1 relates to the amazing brand Citroen.
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I was looking for an economical machine for my needs, for riding а car around the town, a peculiar type of view. My choice was set up on a Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 or on, but I did not like the conditions of the deal of buying in the Peugeot saloon. That's why I concentrated on the Citroen C1.

Best of all I was fond of the car's overwhelming look. I refused of automatic boarding owing to a great number of the unglad, I didn"t want to take risks.To tell the truth I had ordered a little bit different model - 3-door and blue and had to wait for almost 4 months.In a month two silver 5-doors arrived to the carshop , I saw them and bought one.

Citroen C1

My first feelings of driving were a little strange because I hadn't driven such cars before. After I had adopted to the car I started to love it more and more. Dynamics and control while driving along the streets are excellent. Consumption is obtained within the average of 5.5-6 liters.

I did not like the input player, so I removed it and set up another one completed with dinamics, now it is quite normal, but it sounds strange without backphone speakers. Noise isolation is practically absent. The size of wheels is not very suitable - I looked for winter tires for a long time. Established mats are simplly awful - I constantly have to take away litter under them, but I haven't guessed yet what replacement should be done.

When driving the track, it is perfect at a top speed of 130 km / h, keeps the road well, but at a rate of more than 90 and a strong cross wind it can be put aside from its direction. And, of course, the driving moving is not already the same as this automobile is designed for the city. It keeps a winter road well.It may successfully come over snow on the road.The car starts wonderfully, during the most severe frosts below 30 degrees of Celsius it was standing in the street and I didn't put off the battery,but there is no heating.The interior warms fast enough. On the road in frosts the side windows are without sight view , even when it's hot inside. Recently I often have to drive on the highway and can clearly understand that the power is rather low, but in general it is quite normal. Fuel consumption is obtained 5-5.5 liters, but you can reduce some quantity - if you drive in a quiet way. In fact, at first I thought to change the car in the future, but now I didn't look foward to do it because I'm completly glad on the whole and wouldn't like to replace it any more.

citroen c1 citroen c1 citroen c1 citroen c1
citroen c1 citroen c1 citroen c1 citroen c1

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Citroen c1

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