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Saturn s-series

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Saturn s-series relates to the amazing brand Saturn.
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«S-series» forms a part of family of compact cars which were made by experts of automobile company «Saturn». It is necessary to note, that it was the first set of cars «Saturn». Automobile platforms – «Z», have been completely developed by experts of company «Saturn» and had little in common with other model number of the company «General Motors». Creation of cars has been realized with use design of a frame, thus, the load on lateral panels – was absent, that has allowed designers to use plastic windows, instead of metal. It is necessary to note, that such constructive decision, long time has allowed cars «Saturn s-series» to be in the lead on the automobile market. Cars «Saturn s-series» were on sale from a fall of 1990 up to the end of 2002. Thus in 1996 and 2000 designers have developed and modernized a sedan, and in 1997 and in 2001 – a compartment. saturn s-series For the first time «Saturn s-series» it has been presented to general public per 1990, as model of car «SL». Thus in 1992 the company has developed a new sports compartment – «SC» which with advantage has joined a model number of the company. Also in 1993 the model «SW» - a sedan has been designed and developed. It is necessary to note, that Taiwan and Japan were 2 Asian countries which were imported with cars of company «Saturn». Thus since 1992 on 1996 in Taiwan cars of the first generation - a sedan and the second generation – a compartment with advantage have been sold. Since 1996 for 2003 cars of the second generation with advantage were on sale in Japan. Thus it is necessary to carry to the basic advantages of the given models of cars: full conformity to requirements of the Japanese legislation, in area of reliability and durability, as well as the external sizes and the maximal requirements of capacity of the engine. Canada also imported cars «Saturn s-series» since 1992. saturn s-series Designers and designers of the company per 1999, have brought some improvements in model «SC». The cabin of the driver significantly has been expanded, thus, it was the significant innovation in design of the external ex-terrier. The compartment and a sedan are equipped by a mechanical box of switching of transfers and differed high parameters of profitability. Expense of fuel made 5,9 liters on 100 kilometers of a way. The manufacturer established the power unit in volume of 1,9 liters – « LL0 I4 » and « L24 I4 ».

saturn s-series saturn s-series saturn s-series saturn s-series
saturn s-series saturn s-series saturn s-series saturn s-series
saturn s-series

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