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Alfa romeo gtv found on brand Alfa Romeo - Gtv
Alfa romeo gtv relates to the amazing brand Alfa romeo.
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Salon of Alfa Romeo GTV: Salon is made at the highest level. To say in a word, that he is beautiful, it means make no remark. All is executed in one stylish decision. Devices a tachometer and speedometer are sunk in the family round well, three air scoops on a central cantilever similarly have a round form, below them 3 devices of the same round form are situated. Outwardly a torpedo reminds such at more expensive Ferrari. Seats possess the developed lateral supports and already in a standard have upholstering from a skin. Alfa Romeo GTV And about an electro-package and talking is not needed, all is present. The reason is that, first of all, of compartment has a landing formula 2+2, to the back passengers will be very close, small sizes and inclination of back bar affect, but it is needed to pay for beauty. Appearance of Alfa Romeo GTV: Dynamism of forms, here what was followed in a firm Pininfarina was creating the look of car. Forehand of compartment with a landing formula 2+2, has a wedge in order to please a dynamics, front headlights the round have small size, all them 4 things (at an open hood evidently, that every pair of headlights is incorporated in 1 monoblock that closes a hood). In a profile a machine looks splendidly, in the middle carcass is pierced by a line going upwards under a corner from the end of arch of fore wheels and to the end of back bar of roof. Alfa Romeo GTV In profile, the car looks great both a door and back-end line up her passengers are situated in that. All looks very headily. The back-end of car is a bit raised as compared to front, is there situated and small luggage boot. Back headlights have a rectangular form and connected by inter se one line. Sizes: Length is a 430 cm, widths are a 177.6 cm, and heights are 132 cm. Motors of Alfa Romeo GTV: It is a strong enough line of a review car. In 1995 on sale two versions of 2.0 i 16V appeared T. Spark and 2.0 i V6 TB. The first version disposed a progressive row to 4 cylinders 16 by a alular motor in 2 L. A feature of this motor was in that on every cylinder here present for 2 spark-plugs. All, it in totality allowed to give out impressive 150 horse, a twisting moment equaled 181 nm. High speed of compartment arrived at 215 km/h, and acceleration to the mark in 100 km/h came true for 8.4 seconds. An auto was completed 5 steps Manual.

alfa romeo gtv alfa romeo gtv alfa romeo gtv alfa romeo gtv
alfa romeo gtv alfa romeo gtv alfa romeo gtv alfa romeo gtv
alfa romeo gtv

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bob Linder Ah......Alfa...what else can one say. I have the pleasure of owning a 1967 step-nose GTV that is being turned into a GTAm replica. One of the "must have" automobiles.
2013-07-29 15:20:37
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Alfa romeo gtv

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