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Scion iq relates to the amazing brand Scion.
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Scion iq The car «Scion iq» represents the small conceptual car which has been developed by experts of company «Toyota». Thus it is necessary to carry to the basic advantages of the given car its insignificant dimensions and full conformity to conditions of city movement. The driver can easily park the given vehicle in any seat of the brisk city street. The length of the car «Scion iq» makes 3 meters, thus, the car is capable to be located on a parking – horizontally. In comparison with model of the car «Smart ForTwo», «Scion iq» on 35 sm is longer, on 12 sm is wider and on 4 sm below. Thus «Scion» the car with 16 inch wheels which look very much greater, in comparison with the sizes of the car offers the buyers. scion iq On a road covering the car looks very resolutely and aggressively, especially with such elements, as a straight line a forward part with greater details on both sides of the car. Wheels are put forward in all four angles. Thus the car differs in great volume of internal space where passengers can be comfortably and freely placed. Also it is possible to spread out back seats, thus, to turn out cargo space, as well as an empty seat for storage of headrests. Thus, the luggage space of the car is little bit more, than in model «Smart». Engineers of company «Toyota» have applied a plenty of engineering decisions, to savings of seat in cars. Designers have cleaned branch for fine things to give more attention to pockets in doors, and under seats of passengers takes seat for storage. Also there is an open space for the central console between forward seats. Such branch ideally approaches for storage of small bags, or things. The much attention of designers has been given to such things, as design of a suspension bracket, to adjustments of a rudder and volume of a fuel tank. In the car 4 seats for passengers are established. The new car is not created for long trips on greater distances. scion iq The manufacturer establishes 1,3 liters, 4 cylinder power unit in the car. Capacity of the engine makes 95 horsepower’s. The car is dispersed up to 100 kilometers at an o'clock for 12 seconds. The maximal speed of the car makes 130 kilometers at an o'clock. Expense of fuel – 6,36 liters on 100 kilometers of a way.

scion iq scion iq scion iq scion iq
scion iq scion iq scion iq scion iq
scion iq

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