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Simca vedette beaulieu

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Simca vedette beaulieu relates to the amazing brand Simca.
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«Simca vedette beaulieu» is the big car made during between 1954 on 1961 reptiles by the French manufacturer «Simca» at factory «Poissy», France. This model of the car was the biggest at that time the new economic version «Simca Ariane», thus, has been created. Later manufacture occurred in Brazil where the car «Simca vedette beaulieu» was issued, and has received the new name - «Simca Esplanada». Dimensions of the car made: wheel base – 2690 mm; length – 4750 mm; width – 1770 mm; height – 1480 mm; weight - 1260 kg. simca vedette beaulieu «Simca vedette beaulieu» concerns to the second generation of cars. After three years in manufacture, to this car have given a new name, and the new extended form, with richer interface and greater fins that gives to the car more American type, than before. Capacity of the power unit made about 84 horsepower’s, but thus financial qualification of the car has remained constant. Three years form of the previous version «Vedette» was still issued, but nevertheless has lost the eight cylinder power unit, volume of 2,4 liters. In April, 1957 the car has been equipped by the engine, volume of 1,3 liters under the new name «Simca Ariane». Later in October, 1957 it once again has been renamed on «Trianon». simca vedette beaulieu In 1959 there was a new version «Rush-Matic», with an automatic box of transfers which is presented in two modes: «Rush» (completely automatic) and «Road» (a manual choice of transfers). As within 1959 the version «Presidence», with a magnificent interior, availability of a wireless phone has been let out. Manufacture «Simca vedette beaulieu» has been stopped in the fall 1960, but other models were issued till 1961, they received new names, differed the external ex-terrier. Manufacture of cars with availability of eight cylinder power units has stopped in 1961 when it has been let out about 173 288 copies. And the version of model «Ariane», with established on it four cylinder power unit was kept till 1963, 166 363 copies have been made. Manufacture of model has been continued in Brazil, with installation on cars of eight cylinder power units, volume of 2,4 liters, under such names, as «Tufao», «Jangada» and «EmiSul». The racing version of model had the name «Simca Esplanada».

simca vedette beaulieu simca vedette beaulieu simca vedette beaulieu simca vedette beaulieu
simca vedette beaulieu simca vedette beaulieu simca vedette beaulieu simca vedette beaulieu
simca vedette beaulieu

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