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Tvr 3000m turbo

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Tvr 3000m turbo relates to the amazing brand Tvr.
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tvr 3000m turbo tvr 3000m turbo tvr 3000m turbo tvr 3000m turbo
tvr 3000m turbo tvr 3000m turbo tvr 3000m turbo tvr 3000m turbo

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Classic Investment Tipster TVR Turbo Cars - Watch this space! Tipped as a rising future classic star and as a result possibly a good investment "Dark Horse", all the right ingredients - The maker of these fabulous and pretty machines - TVR, now out of Production and it's products which already have a cult following, likely to be hyped at some not too distant point in the future by the classic car "industry" as other classic "Brands" are pushed out of reach of all but the seriously wealthy..Enough time has perhaps also passed for the almost damage caused to the TVR brand by a certain "celebrity" presenter of a well known/ leading Top BBC TV "motoring magazine" ( he has since started to lose serious credability amongst true enthusiasts and is now almost universally regarded as a bit of a liability a clown and a "buffoon" - Unfortunately his constant rubbishing of the TVR marque on such a popular TV programme - Such as jibes about unreliability etc caused massive damage to the TVR "brand" that was trying to market products to rival the likes of Porsche and Ferrari - interesting to note that if one studies the past episodes of the programme then at first they seem very positive..Then suddenly something changes and the idiot buffoon presenter starts to pump out negative information - rumoured to be as a result of him being involved in a public heated arguement with the then owner of TVR - peter Wheeler, at a shooting party on Peters Estate! Food for thought indeed.. ) Think about it! What else even comes close for the money that these awesome hand made machines cost. So they are from the stable of an as yet "undiscovered " investment brand that made some amazing machines, that will fill pages of magazine copy and will thrill younger generations of classic car fans. Crucially they are just becoming old enough to appear "retro" and to begin to register on the radar of the motoring press who need new material and subject matter to hype ( but first someone has to be brave enough to actually objectively review a well sorted and cared for survivor with an open mind - Rather than. Lazily using out of date, inaccurate, second rate, third hand blatantly re-hashed just trot out the same tired, biased opinions and factual errors that immediately show that they have not done their own homework and are instead re-writing older articles to just fill column inches! ) Turbo charged TVR's have rarity ( total of just 63 made! ) Fantastic performance,, still very exciting and rapid even today, plus they CAN be worked on and maintained by a well informed home enthusiast and with a few modern relatively inexpensive additional parts - such as a" boost retard "system. Such modern technological advances mean that these cars can nowerdays be made to be totally reliable and usable if cared for as a Supercar! should be ( remember when new - they would out accelerate a Porsche 911 turbo! Plus contemporary Ferrari's, Aston Martins Lamborghini's etc and even later Sierra Cosworths etc! ) At present strangely underrated and consequently under valued possibly due to even marque "experts" not getting their marketing act together and perpetuating the myth/ untruth that they are hard to care for ( which is untrue if you have the correct data/ tuning information and invest in expert help and original parts for more complex jobs as you would do with any other supercar! ) - But does of course ensure a steady flow of work for themselves, problem is that this negative press of "engines likely to blow up"! Etc Is very dramatic, looks good in print - but does HUGE damage as it puts off potential buyers! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! The benefits outweigh the possible drawbacks 100 fold..And when this becomes "common knowledge" and accepted as the norm, which since it is true is not stretching the truth ..should surely mean that these already highly prized cars gain the recognition that they deserve - It will only take a few positive, high profile magazine articles and these value of these cars WILL rocket!
2013-06-01 18:16:12

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