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Volkswagen nils

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Volkswagen nils relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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This concept was met on Geneva auto show with more excitement any other car had. Everyone was saying that Volkswagen decided to make a really brave step - revive and produce the most favorite car of all the hippies, the 1950 Transporter 1 T1 van. The Volkswagen management stated that this idea appeared long before the show and was transformed into a Microbus T1 VW first seen in the fall of 2001. However the technologies of that time weren’t suitable for making the car VW always wanted to produce and the management decided to wait. Volkswagen Bulli The 10 year wait transformed into a T1 with an electric engine. Looking closer at this Bulli you begin to realize that this one is almost identical to the conceptual electric minivan series that has Milano Taxi, Berlin Taxi, London Taxi models in its line. These cars were shown to the world last year. Bulli is the size of VW polo with the 4 cm longer base. The same electric engine with maximum power of 114 hp is located in the front of the car. The Bulli has the same weight the Bugs have – 1500 kg. The mileage reaches up to 300 kilometers and is provided by the same unit of lithium-ion batteries increased up to 40 kW/hour capacity. The battery can also be recharged up to 80% in less than an hour from the “quick charge” electrical point. This car accelerates up to 100 km/hour in almost 11.5 seconds; the maximum speed it can achieve is still 140 km/hour. Volkswagen Bulli The security issues although remained; the slippery seats and lack of proper security of the passengers still are the things VW engineers should work with. Instead they improve the exterior design and general look of the car, that isn’t quite that new when you first see the Bulli. So what are the changes everyone waited for? Apparently they were made in appearance of the car, the Volkswagen sign on the front became even bigger and the lines of the Bulli are very similar to the lines of any London cab. And London cab isn’t the only car this Bulli reminds you of; even bigger resemblance is found in the old T1 with the same “wide-eyed” lights in the front.

volkswagen nils volkswagen nils volkswagen nils volkswagen nils
volkswagen nils volkswagen nils volkswagen nils volkswagen nils
volkswagen nils volkswagen nils

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