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Renault modus

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Renault modus found on brand Renault - Modus
Renault modus relates to the amazing brand Renault.
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The main advantages of the car «Renault Modus», characterized by high operational and technical characteristics. High landing vehicle capable of providing enough contrast to the surroundings (outside the car). In this case, it is worth noting that if you had to choose between the «Note» and a car «Renault Modus», the choice would be the same - French car.

If we talk about the shortcomings, this is an indisputable fact that the machine has a rigid suspension, especially the rear, but it is likely to depend on the quality of the roads, not the vehicle itself. At the same time, realizing the stiffness behavior of vehicles on the road will have to resort to a noticeable decrease in speed on the bad parts of the road. But in this situation there is a benefit - increasing the life of the transmission.

The total number of kilometers that the car has overcome «Renault Modus» was about 20,000 kilometers. While in May it will be exactly two years from the date of purchase. In terms of the maintenance of the vehicle, the specific defects are not here, because there is a guarantee of the vehicle manufacturer. My family does not regret the purchase. It is worth noting that with the onset of cold weather, ceased operations heating driver seat. At the service station repair broken wiring under warranty. In this case, the problem is caused by poorly laid wiring, so a replacement was needed the heating elements in the seat and backrest.

renault modus

We were all happy, except for the fact that work on the replacement of defective parts only began two hours after having found a specialist in the implementation of such types of work and received from him the necessary permission. It should be noted that the repairs were carried out not on the typical Russian service station cars, and on a specialized service station cars «Renaul».

In the automotive store to buy rear mudguards for this car did not work, so I had to use the services of an official representative of the automotive service company. And yet, even in bad weather original mud flaps behave poorly, sometimes the car stalls the engine. It should be noted that the replacement of the wing at the service station on the car in 30 minutes. It is possible to save significant amounts of money.

It is worth noting that during the works to replace the driver's seat heating elements at the service station car, drove another «Renault Modus», which was purchased abroad, with an engine displacement of 1.2 liters. Many car owners are eagerly waiting for the new road «Grand-Modus».

renault modus renault modus renault modus renault modus
renault modus renault modus renault modus renault modus

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Renault modus

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