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Seat altea relates to the amazing brand Seat.
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Bought a machine by enough chance. A car was in a presence in a motor show. That yet wanted or it was necessary to wait, or went out more expensive. In the total car in the process of exploitation remained satisfied. And until now there is not a desire of her to change, although to it ordinary more than 2 years car did not hold. On one brand I do not go in cycles, were different: and Japanese, and German, and Frenchmen.

The expense of fuel nevertheless far falls short of topassport data. In summer middle about 7, in winter 9. At adesire and at an easy pace on a route it is possible to belaid in 5.5. In times of run no charges (except technical service), where although I am not a neat proprietor: it is necessary to convey different ferrous details, and to carry a trailer. Every spring I give in cleaning and polish, and machine before a summer as new. On a guarantee changed heating of seats of driving seat, the passenger burned out right after completion of term of guarantee, did not change until now. I do not ride there.

seat altea

A dynamics would be desirable more. But what to wait from a 105 strong diesel. That with loading of car of loudspeaker does not get worse strongly notedly is although liked. Stability on a route and passing turns are very liked – is in the way as pored in, sense of car is ideal, drive with pleasant. The difference of electro-strengthener of helm from a hydraulics did not notice. Loosening from meeting car in mot felt. Rolled from the car of track is not afraid. Atonement for it is the subzero landing and hard enough pendant, although discomfort does not cause. Passed 1200 kilometres for one stretch, to the tiredness by a person it is not. The redilluminating from beneath does not irritate at night, to reduce her or turn off desires does not cause.

A machine well befits both on every day and for domestic vacation. A luggage rack without ceremony contains luggage of four passengers even at a distant journey. A fuel I use is Russian, true from the known names of priming. I live in Estonia. That is disliked are wide bars at the front without ceremony at a carelessness can hide other car from eyes. In frosts below -20 degrees it is difficult it is difficult to warm up salon, although glasses remain clean. The plastic of front panels damage easily enough. In a snow – fall on a route yardmen I push snow in front bars, where to it hidden, and a cleaning zone diminishes gradually.

seat altea seat altea seat altea seat altea
seat altea seat altea seat altea seat altea

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