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Honda prelude

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Honda prelude found on brand Honda - Prelude
Honda prelude relates to the amazing brand Honda.
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The debut of Prelude took place in 1978. This car was equipped by an engine by volume of 1,6 L. by power of 80 hp. 1983 to of Prelude produced on the base of model of Accord. After the sound processing in 1983 of Prelude became an independent model. An update version appeared with a very modern for those years 12-valvular engine by volume of 1,8 L., that gave out 102 hp. Prelude of the second generation possessed next sizes: length a 4090 mm, 1635 mm width, 1290 mm height. As an option a leather salon was offered. Luke on some models was included in standard equipment. Honda Prelude Technical descriptions The fifth generation of car was equipped by two petrol motors by volume of 2.0 and a 2.2 L. These engines had a few modifications differentiating on power - they were equipping models for different markets. In a pair with them worked 5-step mechanical or 4-step automatic to the transmission. The car was produced with a drive on fore wheels. Interior A salon at Prelude V is self-possessed in quiet tones. A panel of devices is compact, under a large peak, steering wheel a four spoke, with the keys of management by the musical system. On U- of vivid central cantilever CD- is located radio-recorder; under her are management organs by the system of conditioning. On a central tunnel there was a place for two deep niches for small things, the lever of stand brake at models on Japanese tradition is placed nearer to the front passenger. Possessing the greatest (as compared to previous generations) internal sizes, in the salon of Prelude an enough place is for four adults of passengers. Front arm-chairs possess small lateral support, their pillows and backs wide enough. Exterior If the tendencies of rounded of basket were distinctly visible in the exterior of fourth-generation, then for a fifth generation a return is characteristic to the sources: the basket of Prelude V became awkward again, as at the third generation. Honda Prelude The forehand of auto was transformed: the diamond-shaped, located in vertical plane headlights of head light, new hood relief of that reminded overhead part of logotype of company, appeared here. The valuable grate of radiator that in a horizontal plane is crossed by a stylistic «rib» appeared. There are a central large air scoop and two lateral niches (divided into two parts, fog lamps and trafficators are set in overhead) in a new, three-sectional front bumper. The least changes - on the sides of basket. The line of roof became awkward; the corner of back side window became sharp. On a stern instead of three-cornered, located a peak, back lantern, narrow, horizontally placed stop-lights appeared. The door of luggage rack, unlike such at Prelude IV, purchased a T-shaped form. A bumper became more massive, and he is continuous now, without opening in an underbody characteristic for the bumper of fourth-generation of model.

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honda prelude

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Honda prelude

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