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Hyundai lantra found on brand Hyundai - Lantra
Hyundai lantra relates to the amazing brand Hyundai.
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The first generation of Lantra appeared in Europe in 1990. From November 1992, the line of power aggregates was filled up by 16-valvular engines by the swept volume 1,6L./114 hp 1,8 L./of 128 hp. The expense of petrol at both engines in city is identical is a 10,8 L. on a 100 km High speed 193 and 196 km/h accordingly. As an option CP was offered «automat». In 1993 Lantra exposed to modernization. The second generation of Lantra with an elegant basket that purchased smooth lines came into the world in 1995. The look of car does not differ in showiness, but at all rightness and brevity looks enough impersonators. A basket is executed durably, reliably and well protected from corrosion by the two-sided zincking and quite good paint coverage. Hyundai Lantra An interior is continuation of exterior. Salon on the whole spacious and comfortable, in him it is also difficult to find one acute angle though, as well as in the outline of basket. Ergonomics is good, all organs of management near at hand. A device panel, as well as all salon of car, is executed in the rounded manner. For passive safety the protective squared beams in doors and two air pillows are responsible. In general Hyundai Lantra the second generation exists in six modifications form different combinations of two types of baskets is sedan and wagon, three engines by volume of 1.6, 1.8 and a 2.0 L. (this powerful 139-strong engine official ways to Russia it is not been supplied), and also two variants of transmission - mechanical and automatic. There is yet and a fourth engine, 1,5-with a capacity of one the liter, produced from 1996, but outside the internal market of Korea he is not known. On an export Lantra entered two acquisitions of GL and GLS. Distinctions between them were observed not only in colors and materials of finishing of salon. So, for example, GLS was equipped by a complete electro-package, variety of regulations of driving seat, regulation of angle of slope of steering column plus ABS. Also there is a back of back seat on sedans of acquisition of GLS, while on GL she is envisaged «firmly». Hyundai Lantra It is needed to mark excellent visibility, both at the sedan and station wagon. Bars do not prevent the review. Inaccessible to the look of zones at mirrors it is not. Lantra have me and the distinguishing feature is a forehand without some Raised radiator grate. In 1998 during modernization was conducted facelift that consisted of change of form of optics, bumpers and hood. Chrome-plated molding passed along a side, a small spoiler appeared on the lid of luggage rack, and the corps of mirrors became more streamlined. As a result of the accepted measures the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance of car fell down to the value 0,32. Bumpers began to be made from the high plastic of TPO. In acquisition of Special the car is equipped by alloy disks tinted glasses and electric aerial.

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hyundai lantra hyundai lantra hyundai lantra hyundai lantra
hyundai lantra

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Hyundai lantra

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