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In the middle of 90th «Subaru» decided to keep abreast of competitors and conquer the market of «parquet» off-road vehicles at that time becoming very popular in the world share. The production of Subaru Forester (in translation is a forest «ranger») began in December, 1996 at the Japanese plant of company. The European debut of car took place in September, 1997. Subaru Forester Technical descriptions To date Forester is offered with the wide line of engines: two 2.0 with (atmospheric, and with turbocharged – only for the Japanese market) a capacity of one the L., two 2.5 with (one – «atmospheres» second is «turbo») a capacity of one the L., and also 2.0 with a capacity of one the L. turbocharged (to Russia is not supplied). He was aggregated with a 6-step mechanical CAT, and other - both with a 4-step «automat» with the function of Sport shift and with 5-step «mechanics». Versions with 2.0 with a capacity of one the liter engines equip the electro-strengthener of helm, other are equipped by a hydraulic actuator. In Russia Subaru Forester is accessible in versions with petrol motors 2.0 (150 hp) and 2.5 (175, 230 and 263 hp). Gear-boxes are five step mechanics, four and five step automat. Most rapid modification of Subaru Forester S - Edition with 263-strong turbo able to be accelerated to hundred only for 6,5 seconds and to develop high speed in 228 km/h. Interior Growing as compared to the second generation the sizes of machine allowed creating more space inwardly. The producer promises that cars 2012 model row will be equipped by regulation of arm-chair of front passenger on a height. The back row of seats also possesses a few regulations: he is folded in proportions 60/40, and also it is possible to influence the angle of slope of every back. Subaru Forester A steering column is regulated in four directions, and a helm is equipped by the switches of the audio system, cruise control and vocal connection. In all acquisitions, except equipped by an engine 2.0 XS, a color multifunction display is set, and in acquisitions, except those that is equipped 2.0 by with a capacity of one the L. engine, is two-region climate-control. Exterior Today Forester already not to aim to be similar with off-road vehicles – he purchased the meaningful sizes, it, different from other the appearance and style. Last facelift of 2011 introduced in the exterior of model of new form back lanterns and headlights with xenon, the light-emitting-diode pointers of turns and electro mechanic of stowage, and also functional back spoiler on a roof, making better aerodynamic properties of basket, appeared in lateral mirrors. In some acquisitions as an option a hatch is accessible electrically-actuated.

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subaru forester subaru forester subaru forester subaru forester
subaru forester

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Subaru forester

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