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Fiat panda

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Fiat panda relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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I want to tell about my impressions about the Fiat Panda. Given the fact that we purchased it a month ago, maybe I'm wrong in some way. I wanted to buy a car for my wife, who didn’t know how to drive, and so I was searching the car, which has automatic transmission and small size. Cars like the Daewoo Matiz, Chevrolet Spark and Kia Picanto did not fit us for various reasons, and for the purchase of Nissan Micra does not enough money. The choice remained small - Peugeot 107 or Fiat Panda. Both cars had the same price, but we still chose Fiat.

Fiat Panda

This car we liked straight away. It is equipped with a very handy dashboard. It seems that you can reach out to all, without taking away your hands from the wheel. Everything is close by. Also I liked the high seating position and good visibility. At first I thought that the side mirrors are too small, but over time I got used. In Fiat very comfortable lounge and in the back seat comfortable even for an adult. Another advantage of the Fiat Panda - excellent noise isolation, through which the engine is not hear (but sometimes I hear the noise of rubber and ABS operation). Also worth noting tenacious and sensitive brakes. Frolic and maneuverability of Fiat in motion you can see is especially in urban congestions and traffic jams. This car has stiff suspension, his ground clearance is normal, the trunk is not very big, but it's forgivable, since the car still is for women. At the moment we have a good impression of the Fiat Panda.

And now I want to tell about inconveniences. Fill the antifreeze liquid or water in the washer reservoir for glass is inconvenient. The throat is very low, and the tank is too small. At one headlight washers are three jet. When you have to drive on a dirt road at nine water jets (six jets in front and three behind) expended faster. Inside the Fiat absent above-doors handles for passengers, no seat heating. In the trunk does not provide any niches, emergency sign will fit under the carpet near the spare wheel. For first aid kit and extinguisher I had to be buy and attach against the back of the rear seat mesh pocket. Here such impressions we have about the Fiat Panda.

So, we've really loved our "Teddy Panda" and was too sad to part with him:)

fiat panda fiat panda fiat panda fiat panda
fiat panda fiat panda fiat panda fiat panda

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jolanda das
About photo #5
i have this car a wonderful car drive perfect,a verry good car for a low prise
2012-11-18 15:08:08
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Fiat panda

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