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Renault 21

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Renault 21 is front-drive sedan from the French company Renault, produced in a period from 1986 to 1994. The debut of Renault 21 took place in 1986. The design of basket is quiet and beautiful enough, and anticorrosive stability does not cause censures. A driving place makes happy by the design and quite good ergonomics refined, on those years. A place is fully enough both sitting at the front and to the back passengers. Renault 21 The design of basket is laconic enough, but here harmonious and not deprived originality and charm. The place of driver possesses excellent ergonomics and the refined has for the car of those years design. Salon spacious, a place is fully enough both sitting at the front and to the back passengers. Soft seats extinguish pushes transferrable on a basket from travelling buries. Through half-year a version appeared with a basket wagon and by a permanent complete drive, under the proper name Nevada. A wheel-base of wagon is anymore on a 150 mm, due to what he is far more spacious than sedan and hatchback inwardly. But main advantage of Nevada is in that at this car one of the greatest luggage separations, thus not only among class-mates (675 - 1920 L.). In modification of Familiale the car is able to place to seven persons. Renault 21 All-round craftsman of Nevada turned out wide, comfortable and economy in the consumption of fuel, due to what used enhance able demand. The line of power aggregates of Renault 21 consists of engines by volume of from 1,72 L. to 2,2 L. by power 76 l.p. are 120 l.p., also there is a variant of turbochanger2 L. of engine by power 175 l.p. Gear-box was completed mechanical 4 - and 5-step or 4-speed automat. Thus high speed of car depending on modification is 155 - 227 km at o'clock. Lengths of car makes a 4530 mm, and width are a 1730 mm, height are 1415 mm. The Common amounts of doors are 4, and seating capacity are 5. Today contours of basket with wide impact resistant bumpers look awkwardly and unmodernly. The panel of devices is comfortable, but executed in traditional style of 80th: with the direct planes attended under different corners, but all devices are well visible. A steering management due to a hydraulic actuator and negative shoulder of rolling of fore wheels is very easy. Front pendant - McPherson back - torsion-spring. Provides a sufficient comfort and here very stably supports position of basket above a road, also assisting the best divisibility. And a travelling road clearance is small are only 120 mm. Brakes are reliable and ABS is equipped. The model of Renault 21 is characterized by reliability and comfort. This model at one time was a good, inexpensive domestic car. On the whole, Renault 21 it is possible to name the perfectly balanced domestic car reliable and comfortable.

renault 21 renault 21 renault 21 renault 21
renault 21 renault 21 renault 21 renault 21
renault 21

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Renault 21

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