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Volvo 240

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Volvo 240 relates to the amazing brand Volvo.
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Volvo 240 is a model of 200 series that was incredibly popular in Europe during the years of its production since 1974 until 1993. Volvo 240 has also been the best selling car in 1975 – 1982 time period and had 2.8 million units sold worldwide during the entire time of the series’ existence. Volvo 240 The Volvo 240 was originally available in three body styles: the two-door coupe, the four-door sedan and the five-door estate. The engine options had almost every version you could fist for at that time and included the B17 SOHC I4, B19/B200 SOHC I4, B20 OHV I4, B21 SOHC I4, B23/B230 SOHC I4, B27 (PRV) SOHC V6, B28/B280 (PRV) SOHC V6, the diesel D20 SOHC I5 and diesel D24 SOHC I6. The capacity of which was as follows: 1,784 cc, 1,986 cc, 1,986 cc, 2,127 cc, 2,316 cc, 2,664 cc, 2,849 cc, 1,986 cc and 2,383 cc. However not every country had all the engine options available at once. Some of them were only made for US market, others were only available in Europe. Depending on the year of production and engine type different transmission options were available as well. The four-speed manual M40 was available only in 1975 and was replaced by the four-speed manual M45 during the next year of production. Another options included the electrical overdrive four-speed manual M46, the five-speed manual M47, three-speed automatic BW35, AW55 or BW55 and four-speed automatic AW70 or AW71. The safety features were not that impressive as they are today and included a driver’s airbag and ABS braking system that appeared only in 1991. Volvo 240 There were lots of special editions of the Volvo 240, but the most interesting one was made for the Racing Championship that took place in 1980 at the Nürburgring. This edition had a larger turbocharger and pretty phenomenal inside modifications. Some of these cars’ racing equipment was discharged from them so that they could be sold as ordinary versions. And almost every special edition car can be found today in the US in some crazy collector’s garage who had enough time and money and bought this car back then.

volvo 240 volvo 240 volvo 240 volvo 240
volvo 240 volvo 240 volvo 240 volvo 240
volvo 240

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Awsome! I have one 244 GLE -81 slightly bild up
2013-03-01 15:19:06
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Volvo 240

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