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The Renault 18 is a compact sedan of Renault Company, which was produced in 1978-1989. It was a suspender of the Renault 12. The car was projected during the record time – 18 months. Thou, it turned out to be successful in technical case. The Renault 18 had got the up-to-date exterior design. Renault 18 Primary, the car was produced as 4-door sedan. Later, there were also a family car version of this model and the wagon. As the main part of the cars of French origin, this one had the soft suspension. The front one was McPherson, the rear suspension was independent and torsional. It provided the typical French comfort. The steering management was of rack-and-gear type with automatic choice of steering wheel play, it is exact, but difficult. The variety choice of efficient engines, which could be installed on the Renault 18, allowed to customer to choose it according to his driving character. All 1.4-2.1 L TL engines were longitudinally and had the carbureted fuel feed system. Later, more powerful engine version with direct injection of fuel appeared. The 2.1 L motor had the top camshaft with the belt drive. The diesel engine with volume of 2.1 L was based on the 2.0 L gasoline engine but had a smaller diameter of cylinder. The power units could provide the capacity of 64-104 horsepower. The fuel consumption was about 8-12 L. Because of the long front end, big body overhang and the quite short wheelbase, the car had some drawbacks. Thou, the Renault 18’s salon is of admissible size, with comfortable seats. The cabin at all and the floor mostly were corrodible. Renault 18 The Renault 18 had front wheel drive. The cornering stability is acceptable, with the distinguished effect of understeering. As for the stability and manoeuvrability, the car was at a disadvantage comparing with the Peugeot 305. The brake disks deteriorated fast, they were easy removed and change due to the construction of the unit. The manufacture of the car was discontinued in 1989. The Renault 18 was changed with the Renault 21.

renault 18 renault 18 renault 18 renault 18
renault 18 renault 18 renault 18 renault 18
renault 18

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Renault 18

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