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Cadillac eldorado

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Cadillac eldorado relates to the amazing brand Cadillac.
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The 6th generation of Cadillac Eldorado appeared in1979. The appearance and technique of Eldorado made that year were rather modest. The new version also was based on Riviera and Toronado chassis. Two options of engine V8 with capacity 5.7 and 6.0 liters were offered instead of those with capacity 7.0 and 8.2 liters. Cadillac Eldorado In 1984 Cadillac Company represented updated cabriolet Eldorado Biarritz. It was 91 kilo heavier, but the interior of the car was left as it was. In 1985 Cadillac Company produced the last version of cabriolet Cadillac Eldorado in amount of only 1000 cars and for that reason it becomes the cherished desire of many collectors. In 1986 the size of Cadillac Eldorado became smaller. It was rather risqué. Now this expensive automobile became the same size with General Motors economy car models of resent years. More other now it was far smaller than its rival Lincoln Mark VII. The main reason for such change in appearance, as it turned out, was the false news that the petrol prices would increase.

In 1992 Cadillac represented new Eldorado. Its size became only slightly larger but with a new conception of appearance these small changes seemed to be solid. A new motor V8 Northstar with capacity 4.9 liters was installed at Cadillac Eldorado. Its power was 200 horsepowers. The idea to combine streamlined form with high capacity was successful. The sales grew but still were far from record peak. No one wanted to bye two-door car for the price which was higher than the price of its analogue for-door sedan Cadillac Seville. Cadillac Eldorado In 1995 the motor V8 Northstar with the capacity 4.9 liters was changed to V8 with the capacity 4.6 liters with nominal power 275 and 300 horsepower. In 1999 General Motors Company prepared a concept on the base of Eldorado for International North American Automobile sales center. The concept car was named EldoRODo. Later the direction of General Motors announced that in 2002 anniversary year would be the last for Cadillac Eldorado which was produced during 50 years. To celebrate the end of Eldorado era it was made a decision to produce a limited edition of a car in amount of 1596 pieces in red and white color as 1953’s cabriolet. The production was stopped in the 22nd of April,2002.

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cadillac eldorado cadillac eldorado cadillac eldorado cadillac eldorado
cadillac eldorado

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