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Volkswagen lupo

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Volkswagen lupo found on brand Volkswagen - Lupo
Volkswagen lupo relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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I hasten to inform you that I have decided to change my car, because at the time of its run has reached the mark of 67,000 kilometers. On the purchase of a new car is more wife insisted.

«Volkswagen Lupo» originally purchased for the wife, after a while we changed cars.

Volkswagen Lupo

The biggest advantage of this car is its efficiency (fuel consumption). In this case, the gas station I dropped only in those cases where the instrument panel indicator lights of a small amount of fuel remaining in the tank. In a tank breaks usually up to 30 liters of diesel fuel, which really get around the city - 400 kilometers, country line - up to 700 miles (and then, if you drive at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, the brake is applied only motor).

Thus, if we ignore the devaluation of the vehicle and the cost of insurance (maintenance), and taking into account only the diesel fuel is a much cheaper and more efficient than the transport sector. In this write-down car «Volkswagen Lupo» - decent, but does travel by public transport more attractive.

It should be noted that to obtain reliable data, passport data on fuel consumption and did not work. Some owners of the car they write that they have less fuel consumption when they passed diagnostics. It is possible to carry out the adjustment of the firing angle. In this case, it is advisable to carry out this procedure only in winter operation of the vehicle. With this fuel consumption, carry out actions to reduce it by half a liter - not reasonable. Modern diesel engines are fitted with turbines, consume even less fuel.

It should be noted that the engine, as well as transmission - unpretentious in operation. Car well wind up in the air temperature drops to minus 30 degrees. Relevant is the use of synthetic base oils. The power of the engine on a country road - is not enough. In the city, the car shows excellent performance driving dynamics. If there are three people inside the vehicle can accelerate the car up to 150 kilometers per hour. The gearbox - explicit comments during the immediate use - no. Your vehicle engine-brakes (for 1 transfer can easily go down, no brakes for a large degree of slope of the route). Transmission Car «Volkswagen Lupo» soft enough, and for 40000 kilometers traveled is not in need of repair.

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Volkswagen lupo

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