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Isuzu bellet

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Isuzu bellet relates to the amazing brand Isuzu.
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Debut History of company Isuzu in a great deal coincides with history of development of diesel engines in Japan. Exactly diesels can be named the «visiting-card» of Isuzu. And presently Isuzu in accordance with rising market demand successfully develops diesel engines with the improved ecological parameters. In accordance with the agreement attained between Isuzu and General Motors, Isuzu actively works on diesel engines, executing in a group GM the role of expert in this area. Isuzu Bellet Presently the Japanese company Isuzu produces trucks, busses and various power aggregates only. Producing of passenger cars and off-road vehicles is stopped - lately demand on them both in Japan and after her limits was small. Model of Isuzu Bellet 1600 GT - R was equipped row 4х by a cylinder motor by volume of a 1,6 L. with 2 by cam-shafts, developing power 120 «horse», passed on back wheels through 4 x step mechanical gearbox. A machine was easy enough are 970 kg, dispersed to 190 km/h and collected 100 km/h approximately after 9 seconds. To promote her working internals, on a front bridge disk brakes (behind left drums) were set, all brakes provided with a strengthener, processed a pendant. A machine was offered only with 2х by a door basket, a distinctive feature was coloring of hood in a mat black - it was considered in 60 that it would allow protecting a racing driver from blindness by the sunny specks of light. Isuzu Bellet A few years ago Fujimi produced the series of models of different variants of Isuzu Bellet. Among them and model of Isuzu Bellet GT - R 1969, worked out in 2004 and carrying the number of ID, - 86 on the catalogue of producer. As well as most models of Fujimi it - curbside kit, id est. power aggregate of machine not finely detailed, and other components of model of finely detailed not too in detail – all she gathers from approximately 60 details. Quality of founding in my set was fully decent – no burr or tracks of pushrods on visible surfaces, indeed, on a basket there were easily sanding tracks from the joints of press-forms. Assembling delivered absolutely no problems, all details docked normally. Summing up In summary, it would seem, to say nothing, all I have said above, more like it is nothing to say. An-no! But here I can say one thing for sure - for those who value quality, speed and efficiency of a car, for those who wish to obtain possession on the road, the car is strongly recommended.

isuzu bellet isuzu bellet isuzu bellet isuzu bellet
isuzu bellet isuzu bellet isuzu bellet isuzu bellet
isuzu bellet

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