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Fiat 1800

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Fiat 1800 relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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The known Italian motor-car company Fiat began the existence in 1899, when the charter of company «Societ» 224 was signed in Palazzio Brikerazio; Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Automo Torino (The «joint-stock company of motor-car plant is in Turin»). For the long years of the work a firm produced the numerous models of passenger, sporting cars, and also model row of lorry-loads. The produced models are famous reliability and longevity. Fiat Among most popular from them it is possible to distinguish the front-wheel drive car of especially small class of Punto/Sporting, cabriolet of FiatBarchetta, model of the European class of FiatMarea, compact car of small class of FIAT Palio. With acquisition of all greater popularity a business concern broadened and gradually acquired flat-broke firms. To date he is the proprietor of such brands of cars, as well as FERRARI, and LANCIA, and ALFA ROMEO. One of members of rule is Giovanni Agnelli – used the special respect, and in 1902 exactly he became a director on marketing of FIAT. Year of producing: 1952-1958, 15 759 cars were produced for this time. Features Model 1900 was a model predecessor FIAT-1400. She was presented in Paris in 1952 and had an engine the swept volume 1901 cc that developed power is 60 l.p. at 4300 turns in a minute. Modification 1800 produced from 1959, offered in baskets «four-door coupe» and «five-door wagon» («Familiare»). An engine was a row, six-cylinder, 1795 cc and 75 hp. A gear-box was mechanical, a four-speed. High speed was varied between 137 and 142 km/h depending on a version (differed in the gear-ratio of main transmission). From 1961 the modernized version was produced 1800B; engine power grew to 81 hp, and high speed to 143-146 km/h. Fiat An exterior was worked out by the specialists of Pininfarina – a front-rank «square» design combined with the abundance of chrome, «vaytvol» and «flippers» on a «stern». Exactly this machine became basis for less powerful SEAT 1400 С. Agree first 60 Years a basket looks simply splendidly. I imply the and freshly looking design of the sixties, and brilliant state of basket and 2012 to the year. Evidently, that a proprietor loves a machine, with frightful force her dyes and polishes. Two sunny reflections on basket elements is that confirmation. The Japanese receiver was yesterday bound in the Japanese machine me. Business stepped out briskly not, for three hours I had time to study local places, where it is possible to celebrate a need 2 old Jaguars XJ stood 2nd generation.

fiat 1800 fiat 1800 fiat 1800 fiat 1800
fiat 1800 fiat 1800 fiat 1800 fiat 1800
fiat 1800

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Fiat 1800

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