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Peugeot 403

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Peugeot 403 relates to the amazing brand Peugeot.
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Peugeot 403 is a passenger car produced Peugeot from 1955 to 1966. History Peugeot 403 with a basket sedan made debut on April 20 1955, in the palace of Trocadero Palace in Paris. On volume engine the car got in a tax class 8 CV, being situated below Citroen Traction Avant class 11 CV, but being a class higher than the small cars, produced by competitors. Afterwards color of lamps on the back bars of go-no-go were substituted by uniform. In 1957 front headlights are changed for accordance to the new standards, and also the screen-wipers of windscreen are renewed. Peugeot 403 1958 to on the hood of car the under hung chrome-plated emblem of Peugeot was fastened as a lion; however from 1959, on considerations safety, he is removable on a usual logotype in a corymbs. Engine Originally 403 equipped by the petrol engines of Peugeot 203 by volume of a 1290 cc. In future he was changed by a row 4-cylinder motor by volume of a 1468 сс by power 65 l. p. (48 kW) at 5000 turns in a minute. The interesting feature of this engine was the thermostat included at a temperature less than 75 °C and turned off at a temperature more than 84°C. At a base had a 2660 mm of Peugeot length a 4475 mm, width a 1670 mm and height 1510 mm. Weight of the tucked in car was within the limits of 1050 - 1080 kg. Sedan had classic arrangement with an independent front pendant. Fore wheels were suspended by three-cornered elements pendants that were spring loaded by transversal springs. A back pendant was dependent, suspended on springs. Front and back brakes were a drum, firm Lockheed, by a diameter 255 mm. Peugeot 403 To the features of model 403 the very exact steering management executed on a chart a cog-wheel is a rack-rail 3.75 turn of helm from support to support belongs. Wonderful divisibility was assisted by the tires of Michelin X dimensions of 165х380. The car had the four-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine of the aquatic cooling by volume of 1468 cc with a valvular drive on the chart of OHV by power of 61 hp. An engine was completed a four-speed gear-box. A switching lever took place on a steering column. High speed arrived at 135 km/h. The car expended 9 - 10 L. on a 100 km a fifty with a capacity of one the liter petrol tank provided a sufficient run without refueling. During first-year produced four door sedans, that was painted in black, grey, and saturated blue color, only. For an additional pay could equip a cleaning up soft top above front seats. In May, 1956 to the colors gamut a green color was added. A device board differed in a rich equipment (minute-jumpers, pointer of temperature of cooling liquid, control lamp of pressure of oil, were added).

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peugeot 403 peugeot 403 peugeot 403 peugeot 403
peugeot 403

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About photo #2
Quiet cool. My grandfather had such a car in the 70s.
2012-12-05 07:55:31
About photo #2
great photo! looks like my 1961, except i had temp plates that wer red with shiny silver numbers. it is now difficult to get parking lite lenses, ditto taillight lenses.
2013-01-11 17:59:04
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Peugeot 403

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