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Vauxhall wyvern

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Vauxhall wyvern relates to the amazing brand Vauxhall.
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The name of firm was folded from the name of district on the riverside Thames, where a Norman merchant Fulk le Brant bought a house at the beginning the XIII century. Originally this place was named «House of Fulk's» (Fulk's Hall), and then far later – Vauxhall. Promoting company Alexander Wilson founded a firm in this district in 1857 for the production of engines of steam courts and tugs for Thames. As an emblem of company a griffin was chosen from the coat of arms of le Brant. A griffin, symbol of Vauxhall, is a creature with a head and wings of eagle and body of lion, mythical beast, designated force and vigilance. Vauxhall Wyvern 46, 1903, this company already renamed n «Vauxhall Iron Uorkz Company» («Vauxhall Iron Works Company») built the first car. After two years, a firm moved to Luton. Vauxhall Wyvern (midsize domestic car) Griffin presented Vauxhall in 1948, as a successor of model Vauxhall 12. The name of model originates from a mythical beast Wyvern and can be related to wrong interpretation of origin of Griffin on the logotype of Vauxhall. Sedans of new series of «Е» – «Wyvern» with a 4-cylinder 1,5-with a capacity of one the liter engine and «Velox» with a 6-cylinder motor in 2,3 L., serially began to be produced in 1951. The previous of the same name producing of series of «L» 1948-1951 became their basis years. In 1952 on them set two short-traveled motor – in 1507 сс for «Wyvern» and in 2262 сс for «Velox». When at the market again began to sell high-antiknock petrol, «Velox» began to offer with the special head of crankcase, promoting the degree of compression to 7,6. By the novelty of both cars, not counting panoramic frontal glass, there was a lean back aside hood transferable later a traditional construction. Except for small cosmetic changes, for example, of new revetment of radiator in 1956, the basket many years was not exposed to modernization. It is necessary to mention, that in 1954 on their base the more comfortable appeared «Cross». Vauxhall Wyvern Features The model of Wyvern weighed 990 kg, and an engine had parameters of 1442 cc/35 l.p. High speed made about 100 km/h. Present tense In the middle the XX century a company Vauxhall bound the activity to the German automaker – firm Opel. To date most cars produced by a business concern «Opel AG», and being for sale in Great Britain, carry on itself label Vauxhall. Also under this brand the cars of the Australian brand of Holden (Commodore and Ute) will be realized.

vauxhall wyvern vauxhall wyvern vauxhall wyvern vauxhall wyvern
vauxhall wyvern vauxhall wyvern vauxhall wyvern vauxhall wyvern
vauxhall wyvern

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