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Chevrolet epica found on brand Chevrolet - Epica
Chevrolet epica relates to the amazing brand Chevrolet.
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Chevrolet EPICA is the latest model of the European class of D. Ideological and economically this car is as if worked out especially for the Russian motor-car enthusiasts. Already in base acquisition of EPICA disposes such list of equipment, which is accessible to absolute majority of analogical models only for an additional charge. That rare case, when a choice is obvious.

Exterior Designer decisions applied in registration of EPICA created by the universally recognized master’s design-atelier of Italian design, and inferior to the strictness, conservatism. At the same time a car is not deprived elegance - give a glance on the headlights of head illumination and high half-length line. With this car you will be identically convincing and on the business meeting, and - on a speed highway. I think that in this respect, those who engaged in the development did not lose.

Chevrolet EPICA Interior Take the place in the salon of EPICA; feel as headily all changes around. Now Your car disposes comfortable seats all-electric, by the system of air filtration of salon regulations, internal mirrors with illuminating from beneath and anti-glare effect, electro-drive mechanism of opening of luggage rack, by screen-wipers with the sensor of rain, adaptive outward mirrors with the mechanism of stowage, one of the most capacious in a class luggage racks (435 L.). And it is far not all possibilities of EPICA.

Motion The designer decisions applied in Chevrolet EPICA are inferior to your comfort and confidence in any modes of motion. An undercarriage is adapted to the Russian road-climatic terms, and executed on a well showing oneself chart with front independent and back multilevel pendants. They provide exact reactions on the actions of driver, at maintenance of high smoothness of motion. Thus the mechanism of steering management is provided with the strengthener of the most progressive construction - with the varied amplification factor.

A heart of EPICA is a petrol engine by the swept volume 2 L., developing 131 hp. A gear-box is a mechanical 5-step, or automatic 4-step with the adaptive algorithm of work and additional modes of management.

Chevrolet EPICA Safety EPICA is the modern car, equipped by the newest functions of providing of safety, such as electric window raiser with the function of prevention of jamming of head or hands. The ant slide brake system allows to the driver to save control above a car at motion on a slippery road.

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chevrolet epica

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Chevrolet epica

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