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Audi allroad

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Audi allroad found on brand Audi - Allroad
Audi allroad relates to the amazing brand Audi.
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The concept car of pre-series Audi Allroad Quattro was presented in 1998 and at once interested a public not so much in appearance, how many a technical aspect. And though all-wheel drive of Quattro was available to the majority of cars of concern, «Audi» offered something more than a four-wheel drive station wagon. First generation Audi Allroad is a revised A6 Avant. Outside, the car received flared wheel arches, a circle was installed plastic protection. The salon of the car is executed in strict tones. All control centers are accurately grouped. Level of acoustic comfort is quite high. The car is equipped with a complex electronics, but it is quite reliable and in most cases doesn't give unpleasant surprises. Audi Allroad Under a cowl of Audi Allroad only three engines were installed. The line of petrol motors is opened by V6 Biturbo of 2,7 liters (250 h.p.). This unit differs flexibility almost in all range of turns at the expense of existence of two turbines. The car is quite reliable, however demands timely maintenance. V8 engine of 4.2 liters and 300 hp may seem more loyal to the wallet of the owner. Diesel TDI V6 of 2,5 liters can have under a cowl of 180 or 163 h.p. depending on settings and year of release. The unit possesses excellent traction characteristics, and the consumption of diesel fuel at it is almost twice less, than at petrol versions. This motor does cars quite economic … in Europe. A six-step mechanical transmission and the five-high-speed automatic one were being installed on Allroad of the first generation. V8 engine was completed with only the "automatic". All the "boxes" are quite reliable. Audi Allroad Audi Allroad Quattro went into production in 1999. Originally Allroad had the petrol motor of 2.7 Biturbo (250 h.p.) and the 2.5-litre turbo diesel (180 HP). In 2002 it debuted the V8 motor of 4,2 liters. From the middle of 2003 the diesel motor had the power of 163 h.p. In 2006 there was the second generation of model. Three petrol engines (3,2 FSI — 255 h.p., 3,0 TFSI — 290 h.p. and 4,2 FSI — 350 h.p.) and two diesels (2,7 TDI — 180 h.p. and 3,0 TDI — 233 h.p.) were offered. Since 2009 the "younger" model — A4 Allroad became available. Range of motors opens petrol 2,0 TFSI (211 h.p.). Follow diesels — 2,0 TDI (170 h.p.) and 3,0 TDI (240 h.p.). Audi Allroad — the car image, emphasizing the status of the owner. Its main element still not dusty primer, and a smooth highway.

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audi allroad audi allroad audi allroad audi allroad
audi allroad

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Audi allroad

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