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Ferrari f430

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Ferrari F430 - a sports car that was produced by the Italian automaker Ferrari from 2004 for 2009, the successor to Ferrari 360. It debuted at 2004 on the Paris Motor Show. His successor, Ferrari 458 Italia, was the presentations of July 28, 2009. Acquisitions: motor, options This modification was presented in 2008. Unlike the F430, this version has a weight of 100 kg less. The engine became more powerful and has a capacity of 510 hp at 8500 rpm. Ferrari f430 From Formula 1 technology it inherited latest software F1 Superfast. This gear is 60 milliseconds. Also in the car under a single management switched electronic differential E-Diff system and traction control F1-Trac. In F430 Scuderia has many parts replaced by carbon. Now, pedals, steering wheel and mirrors are lightweight due to this material. Body received the decoration in the form of two frosted strips that go on American manners along the body. She also decorated with new discs yellow. Length Ferrari F430 in the basket of compartment arrives at a 4512 mm, widths are a 1923 mm, and heights are 1214 mm. A bright representative reminds Ferrari F50 dynamic technical descriptions of Ferrari F430. The powerful petrol 4,3-with a capacity of one the L. power aggregate of V8 with the system of direct injection develops 510 hp of working power. In a pair with a back drive and by a 6-step Automatic Transmission such engine disperses the Italian very handsome guy to 320 km/h. Thus an acceleration to «hundred» makes 3,6 seconds. Such indexes with lightness correspond to all the requirements of «Euro-4». Ferrari f430 As usual excellent quality, as usual, the excellent design of interior and exterior of Ferrari F430 was provided to the car world fame. A typewriter looks modestly, without the superfluous «piled» up things it is abounded that great number of modern cars. And it is simple healthily! Does such unicity of this model consist in what? Business is possible in V- a vivid force engine the volumes of that arrive at 4th with a half L. Or in the six-stage semi-automatic box of switching of speeds with a 60-millisecond interval. The model of Ferrari F430 is considered the best base for creation of the subsequent Italian sporting cars. On the basis of this «legend» were worked out Ferrari F430 Scuderia and Ferrari F430 Spider. I recommend this auto those, who travel on a city or sets forth for trips on the protracted distances. Certainly, not «Schumacher» in execution, but however, works fully normally.

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ferrari f430 ferrari f430 ferrari f430 ferrari f430
ferrari f430

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McJanry Balen for me is a simple design,but the name wow ferrari..../ferrari s my dream car but only dream:c
2012-12-05 08:59:31
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Ferrari f430

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