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Jaguar s-type

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Jaguar s-type found on brand Jaguar - S-Type
Jaguar s-type relates to the amazing brand Jaguar.
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The new S-type Jaguar was presented on October 21, 1998 in Birmingham. It is absolutely brand new Jaguar sedan in the past 12 years. Appearance S-type resolved in a different than other cars Jaguar, style. It has been designed with an eye to the Jaguar model 60, in particular, on the model and the XK120 MKII. Hereby know-how has voice control system proposed for the S-Type as an option. The same four round headlights of different diameter pole rotor grille, which flows to the stern of the lumbar line of the body and the shape of the windows. By its dimensions S-type sedans less famous XJ8, 4860 mm in length. Consequently, it invades new to the business class, which without it is an intense struggle for customers.Interior and instrument panel S-type are in classic style: the abundance of high-quality natural leather and precious wood. Inside, there is no sharp corner, all parts are smooth and streamlined shape. Jaguar S-type In the basic equipment includes ABS + EBD, TC, DSC, leather upholstery, wood trim, multi-function steering wheel, full power, including the steering column, dual-zone climate control.Turns lock precise and predictable, and S-Type unquestioningly obey the slightest movement of the driver's hands. The only drawback of the steering system is that high-speed drive is "sensitive" road conditions, although it is not an unpleasant feeling shock and vibration. The very same wheel a little more normal size and very pleasant to the touch. Jaguar S-type Production vehicle equipped with two front and two side airbags. One of the most interesting custom systems is voice control. By pressing the button with a few words, you can control the stereo, navigation system, mounted cell phone and separate climate control for the passengers.For the S-type offered a choice of two engines. One - 24-valve V-type 6-cylinder 3.0-liter engine to 238 hp The second engine taken from the series XJ - this is a 4.0-liter V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with a 281 hp With this engine S-type dial up "hundreds" of 6.7 seconds.

jaguar s-type jaguar s-type jaguar s-type jaguar s-type
jaguar s-type jaguar s-type jaguar s-type jaguar s-type
jaguar s-type

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Jaguar s-type

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