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Jaguar s-type r

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Jaguar s-type r found on brand Jaguar - S-Type
Jaguar s-type r relates to the amazing brand Jaguar.
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Jaguar S-Type is business class car, presented in 1998 at the British International Motor Show in Birmingham. The name of the car has become a revival of the old model of Jaguar S-Type of 1963 year. In 2003 the second generation of the car went on sale. The lines of the car body of 2008 model year are close to a retro style. It has been designed with a caution on the model Jaguar 60. There are similar four round headlights of different diameter pole, rotor grille, the lumbar line of the body and the shape of the windows. Jaguar S Interior and instrument panel of S-type are performed in a classic style. An abundance of high-quality natural leather and fine wood and great atmosphere of interior speak about the uniqueness and rarity of the S-Type vehicle. The interior has no sharp angles; all parts have a smooth and streamlined shape. Production car is equipped with two front and two side airbags. One of the most interesting custom systems is a voice control. By pressing the button and saying few words the one can control stereo and navigation systems, mounted cell phone and separate climate control for the passengers. This new sedan has four packages: Spirit, XS, SE and R. Spirit is the simplest of them and it is equipped with two engine choices: a diesel with a working volume of 2.7 liters and a three-liter petrol. In addition, the standard equipment includes a six-speed automatic transmission. XS and SE modifications have the same version of the power installations as Spirit. Three-liter version XS in combination with an automatic transmission has a sport-tuned suspension. Powerful version R has the most volumetric petrol engine V8 of 4.2 liters with a turbocharger. The version of the car with a 4.2 liter, 32-valve V-8 engine, has a capacity of 400 horses, which makes it possible to accelerate to 100 km in 5.3 sec. It did not take long time for testers to realize that this "cat" has really sharp claws. Jaguar S Whether you want to drive yourself or choose to transfer to the rear seat S-Type will satisfy all your wishes.

jaguar s-type r jaguar s-type r jaguar s-type r jaguar s-type r
jaguar s-type r jaguar s-type r jaguar s-type r jaguar s-type r
jaguar s-type r jaguar s-type r

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