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Proton satria

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Proton Satria is the Malaysian analogue of the Japanese model of Mitsubishi Colt, produced for the market of Great Britain, Australia and some countries of Asia. First a model came into the world in 1995. Proton Satria is produced as 3-door hatchback. A car differed in sporting appearance and good aerodynamics, due to the smooth lines of basket. Proton Satria Mitsubishi Colt copies in a great deal. A main difference is a design of raised radiator grate. Proton Satria is well-known, as a car for sport and active rest. A model took part in many competitions on motor-car sport. Proton Satria The proton of Satria was offered to the customers in a few acquisitions. A base variant was provided with a petrol engine, by volume of 1.3 L. and by power of 75 hp. More expensive variants were equipped by 1.6-with a capacity of one the liter motors. At choice the mechanical was offered or automatic transmission. At the market of Russia Proton Satria is a rare enough model. Technical descriptions: Common data: number of places - 5, high speed - 174 km/h. Time of acceleration from a place to 100 km/h - 12,1 p. Stocked fuels – 50 L.; fuel - AI-92, 95 unleaded. The volume of luggage rack does not exceed 245 L. Engine: petrol, four-cylinder, one camshaft up-diffused by an injection. The swept volume is equal 1468 cc; a diameter of cylinder and piston stroke are a 75,5х82 mm; degree of compression - 9,2, maximal twisting moment - 124 hm. at 3000 rpm. Proton Satria Transmission: drive on fore wheels; a gear-box is a mechanical five step, pendant independent, at the front - type of «McPherson» with the stabilization of transversal stability. Tires: 175/70R13. At the nearest consideration of emotion remain positive: durable coloring, even gaps, practically complete coincidence of basket panels, all outward plastic details are painted in the color of machine. The points of welding on the internal surface of opening of postern burn, the ceiling upholstering above the head of driver gets out from under a plastic mount, the bunch of wires hangs down above the pedal of coupling - on power, as the saying goes, does not influence, but guards. Shortages, true, tried to remove: upholstering is carefully glued up, and a bunch is smart black insulating tape. Praiseworthily, and it is so good! The salon of «Proton-Satria» is small, and on a back seat can. It is normal to station oneself only two adults. Thus desirably, that a driver and front passenger were a height’s not higher than middle. A passage-way on a back seat is labored, because the fronts are not moved automatically at the stowage of back. But the modest volume of luggage rack can be megascopic due to well-knit (by installments) backs and pillows of seat.

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proton satria

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Proton satria

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