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Nissan Figaro
Nissan Figaro

When such cars pass by, all involuntarily turn heads and with sense of delight accompany them a look. They are able to compel to admire all: drivers, pedestrians, inspectors of responsible for safety of travelling motion and even people that there is no business to all these machines. Many of such four-wheel crews are already confessed by veritable works of art and in not numerous copies kept in the museums of old times or in the garages of solvent collectors.

Probably, all understood already, that the question was about retro cars. But in a not less degree a similar emotional reaction is observed at surrounding at meeting with those modern transport vehicles the designers of that aimed to do them with reason \"under old times\".

About a fashion

Fashion on old times, is and comes out of nowhere. Here, for example, in Japan at the end of 80th - beginning of 90th cranks, ready to lay out huge money for the copies of automotive Industry produced in 50, appeared suddenly(and, can, and not very \"suddenly\") - 60th. A market reacted here.

The especially thrifty rolled out from grandfather garages for an advantageous sale that there kept for a long time, at times, «simply so», and especially sly businessmen, pulled on auctions cars straight from dumps, whereupon other no less successful people bought them and restored. Estimating a situation, the car manufacturers of Country of an ascending sun in time «disembogued in a stream» and began to produce machines in a spirit Marilyn Monroe and early agent 007. On this wave such miracle of technique was created, as Nissan Figaro.

Birth of legend

First a car Nissan Figaro was seen by the visitors of the Tokyo motor show in 1989, where he was presented under a slogan \"Back in the future\". Initially nice little one it was planned to produce a very limit drawing - in 1991 8000 things got off from a conveyer. And although a novelty it was planned to sell only at the internal market, demand was so enormous, and turns in salons are so great, that was to collect 12000 machines, and it was not enough however all wishing.

Self-possessed style

We will look now, whether developers were able to survive this style in the interior of auto, or inwardly it all the same ordinary Nissan March. It seems at first blush, that a salon differs in a minimalism in finishing - except a conditioner and CD- of record player, eyes nothing strikes the.

But since hardly will sit and will get used, becomes all stylishness of this surprising creation is visible: comfortable salon, pleasant atmosphere, excellent acoustics, comfortable seats, cute three-spoke helm, oval «ventilators», and style of old times developers tried to save - a pointer speedometer and tachometer strongly brush off on the devices of production of years so 50th. Strangely enough, but back seats are too present (landing formula of small child 2 2 is a compartment nevertheless), although to name their valuable a language will not turn.


After an acquaintance with Nissan Figaro any and each will have the most positive emotions only. Those, who sits after her helm, till today make happy passers-by and drivers simply by the presence on the road - pleasantly, that for every man going by this amusing compartment, a smile appears on face, it in fact now so not insignificantly.

What do you think about this vehicle?

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