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Citroen CX
Citroen CX

The Citroen CX was appearing before public on the Parisian motor show 1974. Then on the court of public presented two models: CX 2000 with an engine by volume of a 1985 cc and CX 2200 with an engine by volume of a 2175 cc. Novelties were appreciated it’s the true value; as a result, the serial producing of CX begins.

Even to date the basket of CX looks modernly, both in a visual and in structural plan: the transversal located engine, leading fore wheels, independent hydro pneumatic pendant of all wheels, long base, wide track, 6-window basket. Citroen СХ distinguishes from other cars being in overhead part of middle class, wonderful comfort of pendant of wheels and good spacious salon. As well as other cars with a long base and wide track of Citroen СХ has excellent longitudinal and transversal stability.

In addition, as well as other front-wheel drive cars, he is not sensitive to side wind.

In 1979, the first CX 2500 appear Diesel with an atmospheric diesel by volume of a 2,5 L. At this time CX 2000 replace the models of Reflex and Athena. On them set a new petrol engine by volume of a 1995 cc. As an option for these models offer 5-step automated CAT.

In 1982 produce first restyling - all models of Citroen CX complete more wide front wings - for setting of wide rubber allowing exposing potential of more powerful injector engines. Carburetors CX 2400 disappear from sales.

In 1983 produced renaming of models - Reflex began to be named CX 20, Athena - CX 20 TRE, CX 2500 Diesel Reflex became CX 25 D, and CX 2400 Injection Pallas - CX Pallas IE.

In 1984 on CX 25 D set a turbo-diesel a 2,5 L., and a model is named CX 25 RD Turbo or TRD Turbo (DTR in the English-language countries), old engines by volume of 2400 cc substituted by 2,5 with a capacity of one the liter. On changing Break comes CX Evasion.

In 1985 production three update versions entered: CX 25 RI, CX 25 GTi Turbo and CX 25 Turbo Prestige. In the same year Citroen showed experimental models with the system ABS.

In 1986 was produced by the second restyling CX, unlike the first he affected both an exterior and interior of the produced models. The plastic appeared bumper and new device panel, that saved architecture of old standard, but here looked modernly. An interior is executed stylishly enough, in dark tones with aluminum insertions. Seats differ in wonderful lateral support; have regulations (forward-back, upwards-downward). A helm, on kind tradition of Citroen one spoke, does not close devices, extraordinarily comfortable.

In 1989, Citroen presents the new car of series of XM. CX begins to be produced all less than and less than, eventually in January, 1991 their producing ceases in general.


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