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Bloodhound: the fastest there is
Bloodhound: the fastest there is

Bloodhound is acquiring its shape. Not the definite one, but that’s for now. Sheet metal is screw fastened, the upper part is turned and holes are drilled in it. But every detail, let’s hope they all will be done by the end of the year, will help this vehicle to set a new speed record on land. 

The Bloodhound is planned to accelerate up to 1600 km/hour. The record for now is a 1300-1400 km/hour speed. This seems like a serious challenge now, as Bloodhound is not a Global Corporation with unlimited resources and endless budget. This is a group of people working in a small garage in Bristol. The main money source is sponsorship, of course. That’s why Bloodhound is not prospering. That’s why it’s a great joy when someone gives presents, like Eurofighter Typhoon engine. And a couple of more just for reserve. Apparently someone here has some great connections. 

A modest team is preparing a huge breakthrough into the unknown, following a simple goal – to build a car that gains a 1600 km/hour speed. No one ever did that before. 

The enthusiasm that is present in Bristol is pretty phenomenal. But it’s really important that everything works out as planned. The guys are working more that six years already, and during this period they managed to change the construction more than 10 times. Computer graphics is a key element in this work. It’s not surprising that the team doesn’t want to repeat the Thrust SSC mistake when Green was forced to come out of drift on a 998 km / h speed. Now the drive is installed on front wheels, each weighting 100 kg. The wheels are also stamped from solid aluminum using the 30.000-ton Fuchs press. They are expected to rotate with speed of more than 10.200 rev/minute (170 rev/second).  

The carbon brakes made using a formulary technology will be forced to stop a 7786-kg vehicle that will be moving with a 320 km/hour speed. The tests have confirmed that as well, with a huge explosion of the tested wheels that destroyed a modest laboratory. There’s still lot of work to be done, but now it seems like nothing will stop these guys from achieving their goal. 

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