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New 1L Volkswagen XL1 was presented for the market
New 1L Volkswagen XL1 was presented for the market

The main characteristic of the novelty (which looks alike to the flying saucer) is its fuel consumption. The manufacturer would have us believe that the new Volkswagen XL1 will be content with only 0.9 L of fuel for 100 km distance. The secret of such \"appetite\" is in combination of simple power unit with a small weight.

The aerodynamic body (with the drag coefficient of 0.189 – the best among the series cars) covers the 2-cylinder turbo diesel with the volume of 800 cc. The capacity of 48 hp is in aid to the 27-hp electric motor and the 5.5 kilowatt-hour accumulator unit. The battery is enough for 50 km of driving, and after this you can activate the internal combustion motor and travel for 446 km more. For all the distance you will need less that 10 L of fuel.

The dynamic characteristics of the Volkswagen XL1 are very modest: it can reach 100 km / h during 12.7 sec, and the maximum speed will be only 160 km / h. The proportions of the car are small, too. For example, with the height of 1.15 m Volkswagen XL1 is almost the lowest of all produced sport cabriolets. The length of the car hardly reaches 3.8 m.

On this fact, we end the list of weak spots of the car. Other components will make the owners of other super cars envious of them. Judge for yourself! The antisway bar is made of carbon, the brake disks are ceramic and the body is made of the reinforced with the carbon fiber plastics.

As a result, the laden mass of the hybrid is 795 kg. Volkswagen gives the detail description of this parameter: 230 kg is the weight of the body, the power unit together with the batteries is 227 kg, 153 kg is the weight of the chassis, 105 kg fits all electronics and the equipment of the cabin is 80 kg at all.

The price is not announced now, thou it is clear that with such materials and the number of 100 copies, and it will not be affordable for every fighter for the ecology. The 100 of copies will be divided among Europa, the USA and China.

What do you think about this vehicle?

Dheena Hi Team, m getting goose bumps all over my body while reading about the the car and the performance. well i wish god a messanger to earth to find a way to make this car more affordable so we can live a peace ful future and make our following generation live even more happier. Save my earth. i am a mech engineer. but i m stuck in a BPO well but every nerve of mine wants to work
2013-03-02 15:58:17
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