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Hennessey Venom GT became the fastest road car in the world. Hennessey Venom GT became the fastest road car in the world.

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Pontiac Fiero
Pontiac Fiero

With appearance of the compact Japanese sporting models, differing in quite good dynamic descriptions, by a bright design and main - by a moderate price, the American car manufacturers begin to develop the own models of such level. At the end of 70th such program was initiated by the largest American business concern General Motors. The two-seater compartment of Pontiac Fiero, appearing at the market in 1983, became the result of such program.

The feature of basket became one of reasons, on that this car got in history of motor industry of the USA. Fiero was the first American car, the basket of that was executed from the plastic elements set on steel framework.

By the row of factors, also catalyzing creation of similar model, recently beginning to operate federal laws the norms of that toughened the indexes of economy and safety of producible cars became.

The process of painting was based on principle of electrostatics: details came from suppliers with the special conductive coverage charged positively, and paint had a negative charge. From a compact model Chevrolet Chevette were taken front pendant, on that set the stabilization of transversal stability, and also steering gear. «X» is the platform, equipped by a front drive Pontiac Fiero gave the back pendant got by modernization of front bridge.

In spite of faith in success of the created model, the representatives of company Pontiac made a mistake. In spite of the fact that Pontiac Fiero awarded with in 1984 of title «Car of year», a model did not use popularity for salespeople.

Over the months after the beginning of production of model, at Fiero defects began to show up. At first two test copies burned up during testing. A defect it was found out, but he became first from quite a few. A problem in an engine that resulted in destruction of motor and fire turned out then. Then problems emerged with the system of cooling.

In spite of generous amount there is found out problems, a model differed in successful sales. But at the end of 1985 of statistician was following: 112 cars from 1700 sold, self-igniting could. In summer of next year investigation of problems the National commission of safety of travelling motion the USA took up with the model of Pontiac Fiero.

While finding out of scales of this problem passed, in the middle of 1987 these statisticians testified that each month had been fixed ignition 20 Pontiac Fiero, produced in 84th, id est. 1 from 508 machines, such yet was not in history of American automotive industry.

Since such statistics became public, popularity, and accordingly the sales of model of Fiero began substantially to go down. In 1986 the volume of sales went down on to the 21 comparing to the last year and made hardly more than 71 thousand units. A yet more sale fell down next year, at the plant mass reductions - 1200 workers.

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