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Hennessey Venom GT became the fastest road car in the world. Hennessey Venom GT became the fastest road car in the world.

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Ford Tourneo Custom
Ford Tourneo Custom

Ford Tourneo Custom, as well as his senior partner Transit, fully befits for carrying passengers and meeting of delegations. In fact for him eight or nine transformed places. Thus he looks the real fashion plate hearing the confession modern \"kinetic\" style of company, and equipped it can be not worse expensive cars.

Large minivan correctly uses works of company Ford for automobile models in style of Kinetic Design - trapezoid grate of radiator, \"muscular\" wings and large showy arrow-shaped headlights. A dynamically rising window touch-line gives a profile a characteristic kind - it seems outside, that sides at Tourneo Custom are too large, and windows little. But all doubts are dispersed, when get in a salon. In a machine unexpectedly high sex, so that a driver and all passengers sit highly - look far.

The second pair of moving doors on both sides of \"custom bikes\" is already in regular equipment. Indeed, they can not be equipped by electro mechanics, but opening is wide (1030 mm) and high (1320 mm). Footboards are an attribute obligatory, and that is why it easily to enter in a salon.

The driver of commercial transport yet yesterday could only dream about such equipment, what is equipping our Ford Tourneo Custom. Here track system after a row, and electric heating of frontal glass, and adaptive cruise-control with warning of collision and terminator of speed.

The system SYNC can read out aloud coming on the telephone of SMS, to execute your vocal commands on the search of audiofiles (the system is consonant with iPod and USB-by stores), and in a critical situation (for example, at an accident ) GPS-of coordinate will send about the site of car in service of rescue and police.

There is heating and electro mechanic of driving arm-chair, therefore to influence him under it self very simply. Indeed, the range of regulation of helm is displaced from a driver. And that is why to me, driver of middle height, was to push up a seat forward. All nothing, but, pressing out the long-stroke pedal of coupling, I forced too highly to lift a knee, and using a ground for rest of the left leg, strongly to move aside a leg aside. Simpler appeared to put her on the floor near a pedal.

Higher level

Under the hood of our Ford Tourneo Custom the more powerful is set from two accessible in Ukraine motors - 125-strong. Turbo diesel allows easily to start and go without addition of gas - fluently enough to release coupling. There are not problems and on getting up, because Tourneo Custom is equipped by the system of withholding at a start uphill. A motor goes out on the peak of traction in 350 Nm at 1500 rpm, and Ford demonstrates the splash of pleasant acceleration.

Indeed, such moment closes quickly enough, so that in a municipal stream a hand practically does not take off from the lever of gear-box. Blessing, he is located very comfortably, practically near the rim of helm, and differs in brand name short clear motion. System of engine of Auto shutdown - Start-Stop in Ukraine not offered, but I am recommendation on the moments of switching with pointing of transmission for more economical ride.

The checking of row of motion system often does not see our marking even wherein she is. Her sensitiveness and intensity of vibration on a helm by means of menu of boat computer we at once influenced on the highest level. In fact it is possible to feel a vibration on smooth asphalt, but when she goes from a road constantly, to notice the moment of wearing-out of the system difficult.

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