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Peugeot 301
Peugeot 301

Our route was broken on a few parts, and during the test drive we used two versions of Peugeot 301, but in one, to the most expensive acquisition of Allure. Good road from Kyiv to Lvov and back we overcame on 301th with a petrol motor (115 hp). Relatively whole area of way from Lviv to Mukachevo, as well as the broken roads of neighboring villages, and also snow-bound mountain passes were reached to the version with a turbo diesel and mechanical gear-box.

Space is on business

Other trump of machine is a spacious salon. Even a large driver will find for itself comfortable position of arm-chair, possibility to adjust flight of helm is not enough only. And on a back row and quite expanse, at least the pair of our passengers of gallery higher than middle height about the lack of place did not grumble - stocked spaces in feet and above a head enormous.

In a trip especially pay attention a company and on a luggage rack. His volume in 506 L. fully had us. Only inconvenience is internal loops that mix to place a load.

Peugeot 301 in a base version equipped by one driving pillow of safety, and acquisitions of Active and Allure yet and with passenger. Lateral is a bonus to two last levels of equipment, but only at the order of light salon. A rout computer is in all acquisitions of Peugeot 301, and leather sheath of steering wheel is a prerogative of the most expensive version of Allure. Mechanical gearbox needs to be preferred to those, who more often travels out of city, she will allow to compensate the lack of power even on a weak motor 1,2 L. (72 l. P.).

For listening of music there are sockets for USB drive and media player. But they are located not in the most comfortable place - between seats. \"Automat\" – four step, and he is quite good in the municipal modes. Equipped them only petrol 301st with a motor 1,6 L.

We wait addition

A customer Peugeot 301 has a wide enough choice of power aggregates, that by year\'s end will be filled up by another position - robotized transmission for the most modest, 1,2-with a capacity of one the liter motor. While the line of motors counts three engines - pair petrol 1,2 l (72 l. P.) And 1,6 l (115 l. P.), And also 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine (92 hp. P.). Transmissions now two - any of motors it is possible to equip 5-step \"mechanics\", and a \"automat\" is intended only for a machine with the most powerful, 115-strong motor.

Decent choice

In Ukraine the cost of Peugeot 301 begins from a 107100 horns for a version with a modest, 1,2-with a capacity of one the liter motor (72 hp. p.) that the powerful indexes will satisfy with a quiet driver. The more temperamental can choose between 1,6-with a capacity of one the liter engines. Price more rapid, but \"gluttonous\" petrol 301st (115 p. P.) - From a 137600 horns young \"Reindeer\" with high-torque and economical turbo-diesel stands from a 142100 horns to Admirers of \"automats\" of Peugeot 301 with such transmission will cost 147400 horn’s, at least, to the end of year, while a version will not appear with a \"robot\".


And difference in a price in 4500 horn’s between petrol and diesel modifications the large does not look with an identical mechanical transmission, and will be recompensed quickly enough. For example, the expense of turbo diesel version in city makes 4,9 l on \"hundred\", and at petrol Peugeot 301 with \"mechanics\" are 8,8 l, id est., to \"feed\" him in a megalopolis, on every 100 km it is necessary almost on 4,0 l anymore.


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