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Geely Emgrand 8
Geely Emgrand 8

For our dough prepared four new copies of Emgrand 8 with different power aggregates. We will try to understand, that is this car.

On the sizes (L / W / H are a 4905/1830/1495 mm) and size of wheel-base (2,805 mm) a model is a typical representative of the European E-Class. For example, on all parameters, except for a width, he larger Kia Optima or Hyundai Sonata. A car looks solidly enough due to a classic design, massive radiator grate and high half-length line.

In a salon too all durable and quality. A bit embarrass the simple buttons of management the electro mechanics of glasses, but on the whole an interior produces the favorable impression. Seats depending on a version can have both hand and electric regulations. The profile of driving arm-chair is comfortable, and the presence of rise-and-fall steering column allows without effort to find necessary position after a helm.

The Test-drive of Geely Emgrand 8 showed that due to almost even sex, large wheel-base and comfortable sofa without the brightly expressed profile behind a place sufficiently for three adults of passengers. Doorways decorate wide bright-polished protective straps with the name of model. A central cantilever and maps of doors have insertions under a tree. In base acquisition a machine is equipped by the audio system, conditioner, two frontal pillows of safety and many other options.

In base acquisition on a central cantilever there is the audio system with CD/MP3 and socket of USB. On the center of scale of devices the LCD display of side computer is located.

Two plus two

Well that, fellows, lead motors! First to me a 2,0-with a capacity of one the L. copy was reached with automatic transmission. On pressure of «gas pedal» a machine firstly reacted reluctantly, while the pointer of tachometer did not sneak up to the mark 4000 about / mines, and a twisting moment attained the maximal value in 186 Nm. The \"shelf\" of maximal moment at this engine is short - from 4000 to 4500 rpm, and with it will be to reconcile oneself to.

A car with a 2,4-with a capacity of one the L. «heart» is completed exceptionally ACT. Maximal 220 Nm of twisting moment at this engine are on the same 4000-4500 about / min it turned out During a test drive Geely Emgrand 8, that a difference in a 21 «horse» is barely noticeable, although \"maximum speed\" arrives at 180 km/h. Remains to suppose that the customers of this model hardly will apply on laurels of Michael Schumacher.

A company Geely for short time opened eight modern productive complexes on producing of cars. One of them is located in an industrial park Hi - Tech Zone in Jinan. Building of enterprise started in August, 2007. In his creation 2,3 is invested milliard of Yuan (370 million dollars). On territory productive workshops are located in 750 thousand square meters, where make cars and engines. A complex is counted on a production 100 thousand machines in a year.

Today he is specialized exceptionally on producing of a sedan of business-class of Geely Emgrand 8. This enterprise of complete cycle that includes stamping of basket details, welding, painting and assembling. In addition, here is a plant on making of motors for this model - petrol 4-cylinder engines by volume of 2,0 l, 2,4 l.

A press production is equipped by stamping lines with hydro hammers by effort from 1,600 to 2,400 tons, giving an opportunity to get the most various assortments of the pressed details. After quality control they are directed in a welding workshop. Here are a few of robotic welding complexes allowing obtaining high exactness of connection of large details, and the shallow elements of construction cook by hand.

Farther the prepared basket is sent in a painter complex, where strangers are shut out, because this process requires the special sterility. Then a basket moves in a frame-clamping workshop, where it becomes overgrown with necessary knots and aggregates in accordance with the set acquisition. After assembling all auto pass control of quality, including the separation of verification of paint coverage, rain chamber for verification of impermeability and vibrates, exposing a presence in the machine of defects of assembling.

Upon termination of reception a car is ordered to storage of the prepared products, from where he will be delivered in one of 46 countries of the world, where this brand is today presented.

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