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How to put your luggage in the car
How to put your luggage in the car

Studies show that not all drivers are paying enough attention to the correct placement of luggage into the car. And too often, luggage and other items transported during a trip are in a state of such disarray that it could threaten the safety of both passengers and other road users. So here you have some tips that would probably help you arrange the luggage in your car and make your life a bit easier. 

The main rule of safety is the following - heavy items should be placed on the bottom of the compartment and fit snugly to the back of the rear seat so that in case of a collision they could not cause any injuries. For example, a box full of mineral water bottles weighs 17 kg. In case of  a collision the 17 kg turn into a half-ton, and it would be better if such weight hit the back of the chair instead of someone’s head or spine. In order to minimize such risks that may occur from the impact of cargo, heavy items should always be located behind the rear seats, to help protect them against slipping. The also should be fastened with other heavy items from the luggage. 

The fact that loose items in the cabin can be deadly in case of accidents is very well known by everybody. But ADAC experts warn us again, as they performed some tests relevant to this rule.  In addition to heavy suitcases easy subjects such as sports bags, beach mats, air mattresses and rubber boats are often part of a vacation trip as well. They are better be placed in such a way as to fill the empty space around heavy objects, and the smaller place they take, the better. Other important rule says to try not to overload the vehicle above the rear seats. In this case, the cargo net may come handy, the one that prevents luggage from falling into the cabin. It is also recommended to fix things with straps. If the rear seats of the car are loose, their seat belts must be fastened crosswise to provide an additional stability to the rear seats and the luggage behind them. If you follow these simple enough rules nothing bad will ever happen with your luggage and passengers inside the car. 



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