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Hyundai Equus Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus - large and luxurious executive class sedan, which has an elegant appearance

Hyundai Getz Hyundai Getz

Debut Getz was held in 2002 at the Geneva Motor Show. Then to the public, Hyundai unveiled a smal

Hyundai Pony Hyundai Pony

Pony - this is the first independent model Hyundai, before the company was engaged in assembling

Honda Prelude Honda Prelude

Prelude debut took place in 1978. This much more car equipped with an engine capacity of 1.6 lite

Honda Ridgeline Honda Ridgeline

Ridgeline was preceded by the appearance of a full-size pickup concept Honda SUT, which the compa

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VW Beetle Cabriolet
VW Beetle Cabriolet

VW Beetle Cabriolet is a woman car for women. You won’t find a man willing to ride this vehicle as much as you might try.

All the promises that last model would be a simple but cool cabriolet (inexpensive and bluff Porsche Speedster for people with no money) were forgotten right after we saw new car. It is too high with a too soft color, simply not serious for a VW cabriolet. In a tiny salon only two people with normal proportions will be able to fit, and what do you do if you need to drive more than two? Riding also didn’t show anything interesting; this car rips the front axle almost immediately and heels too much so you get kind of sick while riding VW Beetle Cabriolet. For customers with skirts and dresses such things don’t really matter because the roof is lowered and raised by pressing a single button installed on all versions except the basic ones.

Convenient and practical, this is a VW, so buying and maintaining it is not that difficult. VW has sold a lot of these cars, and over time it did not lose in value. So, whatever we say, the car was and still is in demand and there was no point not to release its new version.



It got a lot of new upgrades from the latest series of Golf MkVII: all engines and other oil glands, which you will never see since they are hidden under the trunk. World critics have praised Golf in many ways, of course, that Beetle engineers decided to change most inner parts to transform the car into a best possible version. And such modifications are seen, 2013 Beetle rides better than the older model. Here are some words about its design as well. Usually, if it’s too girly, men would not even look at this car, and it won’t matter that it was equipped with Lamborghini suspension. The good news is that Golf became lower and wider with a roof profile reached over and sank. Such silhouette resembles the first Beetle released in 1949. And putting spoilers on all versions of the new VW designers did undoubtedly transform a female car into something between the \"M\" and \"F\".

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