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Pony - this is the first independent model Hyundai, before the company was engaged in assembling

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Keep a truck load of cash the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is Here
Keep a truck load of cash the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is Here

The Benz Sprinter with the armor shell was created by the Canada-based Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing company. It is on the horizon and all the money barons, arm smugglers and people with banks accounts full of money stashed around the globe be ready to pay a truck load of cash if desire to acquire it. The Inkas armor also makes it a sin pleasure awesome enough to possess. 

 The dual skeletal frame of the Sprinter is now able to carry an extra 1200 pounds payload on it, and the body shell custom built with armoring material of lightweight, more blood diamonds. The sliding doors have been replaced and in place the Sprinter have the side-hinged doors which according to Inkas are to beef up the security.  Ballistic protection now has been increased with it, and they are also easy to use. Square windows of small size pieces are placed on both sides very much like the Dodge Tradesman of the 70s. The interior divided into three compartments looks like a vault which is quite fitting to the model. 

The front compartment takes in the driver and the passenger and the middle accommodates the security guard and the back compartment load the valuable cargo it is supposed to carry safely. Weight of the vehicle is not specified as yet, but this armored vehicle is not as heavy as the regular armored transportation. A 3.0 L V6 married to a 5-speed automatic and run on diesel gives power to the Sprinter. 

 When it comes to style, the Inkas Sprinter is not Mad Max, and it does not sport the bumper guards of the fad or a turret. Just imagine carrying billions in a van that looks like a flower delivery vehicle rather than a ten-ton rolling brick fort screaming, “See, I am carrying enough cash to buy an island in the Mediterranean”. 

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