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HyMotion VW Golf SportWagen could be the most technologically advanced non-gas car in the planet
HyMotion VW Golf SportWagen could be the most technologically advanced non-gas car in the planet

The question to be posed at the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk: how trashy is hydrogen when most major car makers continue to go for the hydrogen-electric vehicles with are battery free? The CEO has always downplayed the importance of hydrogen as a power source in place of gasoline, and you should note that he is building the biggest battery plant in the world right now. 

In recent times automobile manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Daimler and Nissan have resolved to sell the hydrogen powered vehicles to Californians who are crazy enough to embrace any vehicle run on low-cost alternatives to gas in any form. The hydrogen critics should take note that Volkswagen has come up with a lithium-ion battery pack-fuel-cell combination in a production ready Golf SportWagen at the Los Angeles show.

The vehicle also joined another two vehicles sporting same kind of technology, which is hydrogen power, and they are the latest revealed Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. They join the impressive range of automobiles coming from the MQB platform of the VW.


 In the form of Gold the MQB platform becomes a rolling buffet of Powertrain solutions which are available in gas, diesel, hybrid, electric, natural gas and now hydrogen. However, the HyMotion Golf is not the one you would like to pick for a canyon ride which is a 296hp R variant and takes an eternity to reach the 0-60mph mark as it produces just 134hp. The car can easily miss a houseplant as it emits water vapor from the proton-exchange membrane tank through exhausts. According to Volkswagen, the car can run for 310 miles at one go and a refueling time of three minutes, like the Tesla claim.  Southern California has just handful of hydrogen stations which are public and make sure you are near one when you run out of the gas. 

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