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BMW Uses Lasers lights that do not harm the opposite drivers
BMW Uses Lasers lights that do not harm the opposite drivers

Traditional knowledge and legally mandatory safety norms have made us understand that we should not be in the direct vision of the laser lights so that eyes are not blinded by its piercing output.  It is a global truth except with the BMW and its headlights powered by the laser lights. Here it is meant to, not blind people especially if they happen to be the opposite drivers and also the high-beam headlamps.

BMW, when introducing the M4 Concept Iconic, at the Consumer Electronic Show dazzled everyone with the laser based headlamps. Figuratively, yes. This show is conventionally meant to show off 3D TVs and Smartphones but in recent times the automotive technology has made a greater impact on the show.   You can more accurately call them as “laser powered” because they are not the traditional dot sized light we are familiar with. From the labyrinth of   the headlights, the laser blue light has been converted into light which won’t burn your eyes.

 BMW explained that the special optical setup guides the rays into the phosphor plate from high-performance diodes which convert it into white bright light which is like the naturally produced daylights and immensely conducive to eyes.  The outcome of the setup is intense light which is ten times in excess to the halogen, LED and xenon headlights and all the time the energy consumed is just thirty percent of what other lights consume. Some neat tricks have been deployed by BMW to keep the laser lights from reaching the eyes of the oncoming car drivers


The Iconic’s lights   can light up a distance of 2000 feet in front which is two times more than the   lights offered by traditional headlights. The lights with the Selective Beam system detect the oncoming vehicles whether it is coming from the opposite lane or from the same lane the Bimmer or the laser lights dim the portion of light shining on the opposite car.

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