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The Japanese auto market is showing interest in Ferrari
The Japanese auto market is showing interest in Ferrari


It’s no surprise that Ferrari is a car everyone wants to have. The surprising thing however is the growing demand for these sports cars in Japan. The sales of these Italian vehicles in Japan have gained the best results for the past 12 years. The official statistics shows that the number of registered vehicles in Japan has increased by 40% for the past financial year. The total number of Ferraris being sold is now 144 of copies. As the “Bloomberg” agency states, the Ferrari sales dynamics in Japan is twice as good as it is in any other country and, most importantly in the U.S., the number one market for such cars. 

The growing demand on such expensive vehicles shows the optimistic tendencies in Japan that are happening thanks to the new economical policy of Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe. The main priority of this policy lays in encouraging the consumer’s demand while the yen is falling. Apparently this seems to be working, and working really good. 

According to the Association of Automobile Importers of Japan, Ferrari’s sales in the local market have increased by 46 % for the last year. The record number of 558 sales was reached. The competitor’s company Lamborghini also showed some great sales. The overall amount of 199 vehicles was sold and that is the company’s best result for the past 14 years. Maserati in its turn is planning to increase its sales in Japan and sell 650 of vehicles in 2013, that is twice more than the company managed to do for the past year. 

The world sales of Ferrari for the past year showed a number of 7318 vehicles that is 4.5% better than the year before. The biggest market for the Italian auto manufacturer was and still is the U.S. where more than 2 thousand vehicles were sold. Then follows China with 784 sales, Germany with 750 sales and the rest of the world. For those who don’t recall, Ferrari Company was named the most influential brand in the world and managed to beat such companies as Google, Apple and Samsung. Well, seems like the best company in the world is doing just fine. 


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Justin i never knew the Ferrari company would come this far and surpass apple and samsung... DANGGG tats sooo awsome and hat first picture doe..... it looks like a very impressive model. im just wondering but when you release that red super sprots car, just to make it more special you could put a twin turbine with a V10 engine and with 4 wheel drive. it would be better if it had suspension springs to boost. i know this is iligal u should put the NOS. then it might win a Lamborgini Aventador. or maybe a Lamborgini veveno.
2013-08-15 23:49:11
kyrie Ferrari is one of my favorite car. In my opinion Mclaren f1 is the best car in the world.
2013-10-07 12:12:17
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