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Mitsubishi RVR
Mitsubishi RVR

«Yavrik» is just like this understatedly-tenderly and even with some love many name two-faced minivan of Mitsubishi RVR.

Two-faced he because, from one side, it is an extremely charismatic and comfortable machine combining in itself the internal’s of domestic transport vehicle and car for active rest. With other, - RVR, as well as any Mitsubishi, is very insidious and unforeseeable in exploitation. It touches our edges, where small good petrol is comparative and literate service. And these two constituents for «Yavrik» are very important.

From other features of the car presented on a test it is possible to mark a 4-step hydro with possibility of the hand switching of speeds of INVECS - II Sport. Acquisition of car is very rich: climate-control, electro-package. Drive only on fore wheels.

We perch inward

Simple and easily read combination of devices consists of large scales of speedometer and tachometer and auxiliary pointers of temperature of cooling liquid and amount of fuel. The evident indication of work of «automat» stationed oneself between a speedometer and tachometer.

We enjoy a ride

The workings internal’s of «Yavrik» deserve the most complimentary praises. A motor is very even and TRACTION. He begins to «go» already from 1 000 rpm and with pleasure untwisted to 7 000 rpm, where he is pacified by an electronic terminator. The wide hauling range of motor allowed to the engineers maximally to wrack the gear-ratios of transmission, not hurting interests of neither admirers of unhurried comfort ride nor amateurs to break away from a place in a quarry.

Intensity of acceleration in a range 0 - 120 km/h simply strikes: from a machine with such basket, «automat», and at an engine by volume of only 1.8 L, such does not expect. 

Management algorithm by a box in the hand mode simple: the successive pushes of lever are include higher transmissions forward, and if to pull at a lever on itself, then switching will happen on the stage below. 

From the features of the system INVECS-II Sport we will mark that switching take place very quickly and clearly. In addition, after the achievement of maximal turns of motor of the automatic switching does not take place \"upwards\", it needs to be all the time done. However in case of complete stopping of car a low gear is included automatically. 

I am, however, and minuses. Firstly, a transition from the ordinary mode of «drive» in the hand and subsequent selection of necessary transmission occupies more time, than switching of transmissions on an ordinary mechanical box. Secondly, about the number of the chosen transmission know on an indicator on the panel of devices that requires the noticeable attention focusing on the testimonies of display.

What do you think about this vehicle?

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