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Fiat stilo found on brand Fiat - Stilo
Fiat stilo relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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Good day. I decided to write about his Fiat. Fiat is the second and fourth my car. Forced-choice was deliberate. Previously he was the Punto 2 (review here somewhere there) in 2001 on the machine, and a half years did not cause any problems, and

dual-zone power steering just put paid to conventional cars with power. Change machine did not plan to, but here is a new position, and the old familiar set about trying to buy my Fiat for normal money. Well agreed that selling when I find a replacement.

The choice is 250,000 rubles was small: Dodge Stratus from 2001 to 2004 is quite good, but the soul does not lie to him, Nissan was normal (by the way, I have 4 years in the Nissan club), was shorter than creative exploration ... The idea of ​​style was a long time to buy , so very beautiful car, even stylish. But only the three-door version, it's really beautiful! And here I see the announcement of the sale of the silver 3-door style, but on manual transmission ... And did not want to get off the automatic transmission! In short, he saw - bought, exactly so, for how many sold punt. I knew that trick, but was ready for it.


- Noise isolation is very high, much better than my classmates (Golf4, Corolla, Lancer). Compare, I know.

- Trip computer intelligent and honest, it is very easy to use.

Parts - cheap and original. By the way, the Fiats no Chinese fakes. Almost all of the company manufacturers a certain time as the original spare parts supplied.

- Good equipment and system stabilization antibuksy, distributors are all kinds of brakes.

- Design - this is just super. Really beautiful machine, 3-door only.

- The interior is also soft, quiet and beautiful. Matt plastic torpedo is not reflected in the sun on the glass.


- Electrician, a lot of sensors and relays, if just that, once the error on the display ...

- Failure location SRS wiring under the seats, sometimes climbs mistake.

- Slight vibration on the steering wheel - it's not a problem, it Stilo 1.6.

- Low to the car, really low.

fiat stilo

What can I say? Machine from Italy to love, to forgive mistakes electricians, whims throttle. This is how to live with Pamela Anderson and offended that she is not prepared soup!

Proehal almost for the year 10,000 km. Good little car, knocked generally reliable and strong.

If I were asked, I would have taken this one more time? Yes, but on the automatic cpr and 2,4 170 hp, order to feel recoil machine. At the car Fiat there is a soul and if their to love, then they will pay back you the same. A really good auto, but take podorozhe - this means, that some disadvantages of are already eliminated.

Who needs what - write, help!


Stilo in order of, ridden on it to Lithuania, 740 km in 13 hours, quite comfortably driving on the avtobanu for the speed in 130-140km / hrs Only would engine more vigorously or sixth the speed in korbku gears to turnovers of about 2800-3000 were.

For 8000 of run went out not a lot of out of action choke, simple soft pencil was able to to me in this Urinate, file attachments, not. A couple of times there was an error steering, check engine on a frost, but all were dropped for 5 mines and 500 rubles from a electrician.

In no way'll deal with an error SRS passenger's, but not because that I can not, but because that I forget take a trip and brush your contacts ...

In winter tore off a a plastic defense of bottoms, is necessary to put metal, ... But it is minus the of dirty of roads, as not machines, it is made for roads of with a normal coated, and not for the frozen Russian of snow in court yard.

Start in the winter at -20 fine the first time, flow rates up to 11 liters in the city, an average of 10. Less in summer, of course ...

fiat stilo fiat stilo fiat stilo fiat stilo
fiat stilo fiat stilo fiat stilo fiat stilo

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