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Suzuki ignis found on brand Suzuki - Ignis
Suzuki ignis relates to the amazing brand Suzuki.
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Hi, everyone! I decided to share my impressions of three months holding of very nice and interesting vehicle Suzuki Ignis. In May, I sold the Peugeot 307, a couple of weeks went by foot and very tired of this. Since the last time I have formed some of the debt, I decided to deal with them and get something cheaper in the 230-240 thousand rubles. That kind of money unless you can drink away, so I went to the capital with this sum. At first look I have known far and wide 206 fawn, but, unfortunately, did not see anything decent. 5.6 Machine's were much more expensive and no one wanted to trade (because the season just started), and older were patching up as Frankenstein's creation. Two days I was wounding around the city, looking as Sitroen C3, Fiesta, etc. - no machine pleased me, all of them had or serious defects, or just too "unmarketable species". I was looking for a car with the expectation to travel around two to three months and sell it without losses. Getz, Aveo were too expensive because of the high popularity, variants Lanos / Chance and Matiz I had not considered. At the end of the second day, I finally overexhausted and returned into the "status quo" and began to look different exotics. There are little known in the market and just forgotten models which are not very popular. Which in successful scenario can be found for a reasonable price, even in the season, so at least I think. Looked Fiat Punto, Daihatsu Sirion, old Mitsubishi Colt, Suzuki Baleno ... And so, the Suzuki Ignis hatchback attracted my attention. By the phone the owner has agreed to meet next morning.

I saw this car many times, in the Urals goes quite unique RHD Suzuki Swift, mainly five-door with automatic transmission. Sometimes it occures under the name Chevrolet Cruze (do not confuse with the modern sedan-namesake), at a four-wheel drive, I even had a ride it once. And from the screen looked at me pretty three-door Ignis, looked quite audacious, "Do you see what I mini-crossover am? You need me, and no one else. " After all photo in a successful foreshortening is important when selling online, (at least I was leded) ... I began to search for information online. It turned out, the car was produced at the time of friendship Suzuki and GM. Suzuchi units, many intersections with the old Swift, Baleno and vines. The modeler was Australian HOLDEN (included in GM), better known by large pretentious sedans based Opel Omega. Since 2000, released in Japan in 2003, production was moved to Hungary, there did have restyled version, with other headlights, interior and a little less ground clearance. There are front-wheel and all-wheel drive variants. Most owners complain too rigid suspension. Well, traditionally for old Suzuki many problems with the manual transmission, write about it in the papers, "second hand", but the owners still keep silense like a fish. I have already had the experience of replacing the box on the Baleno, which fell apart a thousand miles from home, so I was not very happy to learn of the presence of the same unit, but decided after all to see.

Suzuki Ignis The car pleased me at first sight . The laconic, "slabsided" appearance, 180mm ground clearance, good condition body ... Well, not too good, broken, of course, stained, like all old cars, but not too strongly. The front and rear were of the entire for 100%, pillows seemed to be in place too. The blow fell in the front left rack, what to talk about plaster on it and on the driver's door, painted the left side and left a piece of the roof rack. The windshield was not factory, other windows were native. Apparently, in Belgium car drove a truck on European motorways is not uncommon. Everything was done properly, not thrown into the eyes, on driving performance is not affected - goes directly to steering response is clear and understandable. Watch box - well, of course repaired, between halves nezavodskoy sealant. But do not howl on the go, all transfers are included and do not fly. The owner shows purchase order - just replaced the clutch assembly and the rack. As a result, short-bargaining price dropped to 220 mp, that I was completely fine with the usual price of the Ignis thirty thousand higher. In general, the hit on his hands.

Leave the Ring Road and speeding up to hundreds, I noticed the buzz and a strong vibration throughout the body. Drove into a tire, check your balance. Right rear disc was bent "eight", was not subject to revision, I had to smooth out tire on a disk with a spare wheel. Vibration has passed, but remained buzz wheel bearing. Drove to the house without incident ..

Motor - that's what I liked about Ignis! First, it is chain. Second, run smoothly and quietly, completely eating oil that ten years of age and mileage of well over 100 thousand very commendable. Craving for atmospheric 1.3 liters is just great, right off the machine shoots as good at 1.6 liters. Declaration of 83 forces there is exactly Gear box selected for sharp urban starts. Brings only the gear mechanism, each gear is engaged, as it were in two stages, there is a small interference when the lever. Suspension on the track pleased me much. It is not so stiff and rigid, with new Kayaba shock absorbers. Shies away from oncoming trucks because of the high body, but no more headroom no effect. Ignis is on the track better than most of his classmates undersized. Suspension initially seemed impenetrable in principle, but later killed road Perm region that impression dispelled. It tried to keep a rough road for 110-120 brand new Logan - a few times so the suspension broke that it had to keep up. But Logan seems generally do not care that beneath his wheels, he did not even budge! I remember, for Peugeot 206 on the same road, I flew without hesitation, suspension swallowing bumps almost without noticing, the machine is not swayed nor a degree did not deviate from the course, a high korotkobazny Ignis had hard to catch. So, the "machismo" Ignis misleading, "above the rate-less pits" - is not about it. Steering with power assistance, but without the usual in such cases, the void. Steering is a bit heavy (I had the rake slightly tightened), bagel does not spoil a special informative, and not misleading - the car feels good. Noise isolation is absent, though I did not expect silence from this machine. Ergonomics is good, everything is at hand, the seats quite comfortable manner, except that the space in the shoulder is not enough.

Suzuki Ignis In the city. Here comes to the fore a good engine and shorter gearing, ride Ignis can be quite fast and safely. Banks at evolution and cornering almost there, at least they are less than expected from such a machine. Spent part of the summer in the country, with frequent trips to the forest, where Ignis easily made his way with his clearance and short overhangs. I think this car wheel drive is not needed. Do you want a mini-SUV - take Dzhimni, the Ignis is still not a handout, or a low number in the transmission. On all-wheel drive version is the continuous rear axle, which is due to direct Ignis does not go as confident as front wheel drive, requires rudder. Getting stuck somewhere on this little fellow is difficult, again because of clearance and good traction on the bottoms. And if you still stuck, it easily push two ...

Operation. As already stated above, the engine did not ask for attention, the oil level was dead. Arrangement under the hood comfortable, everything in sight, the air filter on the snap. We can clearly see the box, clutch cable, access to any unit is well thought out. One feature at Ignis - if forgot to turn off headlights, no warning signal will be. Because of this, my wife repeatedly planted battery. One time I forgot to turn off the light, and then decided to start the car with the pusher. Started - no charging light on fire. Immediately went home, put the battery to charge at the same time became the asking prices for the new generator. But nothing happened, a fully charged battery light went out and did not light up. I changed bearings buzzing - the right rear and left front, the eternal problem with the bearings from Suzuki (in box also problems because of them). The other two decided not to touch until they buzz. Studied the suspension on the lift - looks secure, levers looking strong and thorough. The stabilizer has racks, attached directly to the lever. Not even to the arm, and passes through it, can only wear cheap sleeves, and they certainly rare. Very convenient solution of cars is seen only in old Fiat and Pyzhi now on all cars have frail bushes. Just before the sale started crunches thrust bearing right rack - the result of suburban of trips to the country at a decent speed. Chilled air conditioning, so that even at the lowest fan speed I had to add a bit of warm air. Gas mileage normal for this size: extra-6L, in 8.5-9l. The trunk is small, though the rear seats fold flat into the floor. The body is not galvanized, like many Japanese beetles emerged here and there.

In August, submitted the offer for sale, the buyers did not ring once. But the first experience watching the market took it, no questions asked, to travel to the village. Overall, I liked the Ignis, honest utilitarian car with no unnecessary showing off, drive it quite interesting. The money that I paid for it, it is definitely worth it. The model is not unwound and not very liquid, high prices will hardly sell many owners it overrated. On the other hand, from the comparable clearance is only Ford Fusion, which is more expensive, but not the fact that it is much better to Ignis.

suzuki ignis suzuki ignis suzuki ignis suzuki ignis
suzuki ignis suzuki ignis suzuki ignis suzuki ignis
suzuki ignis

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